Sunday, 29 July 2012

Glimmer of Hope...

Mummy, look at me hopping!

Well, I have been hesistant to believe/say/write it but... I am starting to have glimmers of feeling a bit better!!

Can I get an 'oooooooh-yeah'?!

After three tough pregnancies of being very sick for 20 weeks each time and trying every remedy/treatment/cure that is out there, nothing has worked until now. I must give a huge shout ouf to my amazingly clever (and caring) friend Kate Swincer of in Sydney. It is through her combo of Chiropractic Care/Applied Kinesiology (and now through Fiona Glenn at Forrest Chiropractics here in Canberra due to Kate ever-so-selfishly living back in Sydney) along with Zinc and B6 drops I am seeing some real improvement especially in the day after treatment. Like - yesterday (post treatment) a whole day of NO vomiting!! Imagine that!

No, I am nowhere near 100%, but have improved markedly from the 5-10% I was barely surviving at to maybe 40-50% (still up and down but feeling half-alive again, can even talk and sit up a bit!). I am sooo thankful this seems to be having real results and so grateful for windows of relief from this sickness. Please pray it continues to improve from here!

Just wanna also give a huge shout of thanks to my rockin' readers and friends who have sympathised, cheered me on and supported me through this phase of sickness. You have warmed my heart through countless dark moments. No, I'm not all better yet but even to have windows of relief is humongous for me. God is good. Friends are also good. This baby growing inside me... undoubtedly good, undoubtedly worth it.

So, thanks, friends!


  1. Great news Kate! I really hope you continue to feel better, and it's not just temporary relief.

  2. That is fantastic news! I can not imagine how exhausted you must be feeling. However you do always sound so positive and you are still keeping up with your blogs, incredibly impressive!
    It looks like Lily is doing a happy dance for you! x

  3. Oh that is amazing news!!! So excited that something seems to be working for you. xx


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