Saturday, 28 July 2012

Olympics Replay!

Four years ago, I was blissfully snuggling my beloved newborn first child, and likely complaining about the lack of anything good to watch on TV while I was breastfeeding her - due to the Olympics being on! Now here we are four years later... my tiny baby is a delightful four year old and the Olympics are on once again, bringing back so many memories of those charming baby days!

So it was kinda cool to see her snuggle up with her Daddy as we attempted to watch some of the (recorded) Olympic Opening Ceremony in London. 'What's this?' she enquired so Mark attempted to explain the whole Olympics biz-ness. After watching five minutes of English folk carrying hay bales and what not around pastoral England, she asked again 'When's the show starting?'. Er..... this is it! So with that she was off to create some ballerinas out of cardboard and cellophane at her craft table. Truth be told, her parents didn't last all that much longer!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not anti-Olympics by any means (I can Aussie, Aussie, Aussie with the best of 'em). But as pretty much the most non-sporty person around, I just don't get that into them - I will catch five minutes here and there and feel mildly-to-rather thrilled when I hear we've won gold, but you sure won't catch me up at 5am to watch the tennis/diving/whatever is happening then! But I guess the occurances of 2008 gives the Olympics an extra special place in my heart now...

And just to get in the spirit of things.... Go Australia!!


  1. I hear you, I don't really get into the games. It is sweet that it brings back memories of having Lily as a baby though. I have similar memories associated with the American elections. I was snuggling with a brand new baby Jackson and watching all the coverage of Obama winning the presidency on TV. It is interesting how these reoccurring events mark time in our lives and how they highlight just how quickly four years seems to go by!

  2. Oh this is really cute to have such events remembering the wonderful time together with a new baby!
    Lovely Lily cuddling with daddy! So sweet

  3. Oh I feel the same way. I marvel at their ablilities and all that but really the Games is just another time for Lach to dominate the TV :P

  4. ummmm. . .you don't have any fond memories of the 2000 olympics? you know, hosting them and all? !:) we love the olympics. . .i was astonished to have to say to my daughter "the next time the summer olympics come on, you will be TEN!" It has not been long enough ago that the last summer games came to play!

    1. sadly no i dont Timbra cos well... i was living in brasil then (which wasnt sad but u know what i mean!). and we had no tv, limited internet etc so i didnt really see/hear much about it at all! i was proud of course and was sad i didnt get to be in the country for such an exciting time, im sure it would have boosted my olympic passion haha!


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