Sunday, 1 July 2012

Busy Boy, Busy Toys

Grandma patiently sits through yet another round of Eli putting pom-poms into the holes I cut into an ice-cream container. I made this little activity for Lily when she was tiny and it still holds its charm!


  1. Simple activities are often the best. I love the photo of Lily's hand in yours even though it is blurry it is still oh so sweet to have captured. And yes your "baby bump" is very cute, can't wait to see the real baby bump soon;)

  2. So good for you to have a lovingly mother-in-law for support! This pregnancy sickness is so incredibly bad but on the other side it´s the best sign that the baby is okay and growing! So... take it and enjoy the thought you little sunshine from inside is doing great! I´m sure you will get relief soon! Hugs


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