Monday, 16 July 2012

Mother-in-Law to the Rescue!

One last bed time story... one of hundreds!

Today we had to say goodbye to my amazing mother-in-law! *sad face* Margaret flew all the way over here from Perth for a full three weeks to care for our family. She has looked after the kids each day, made meals, kept up with the laundy and just generally kept our heads above water for the duration! Not only this, but it was beautiful to overhear the fun every day, Marg doing craft, painting and games with the kids, walks to the park and even adventures to the library, park and shops! Such a blessing to these kids who normally only get to see the Perth grandparents once a year at best! I know their relationship was strengthened as they all got to know each other a little better.

Not only was this three weeks a nice relief for the rest of my amazing support team, it was so good for Mark to have his beloved Mum here too - to work with in keeping the house running and for company too as I'm pretty much the most boring person around these days! Loved hearing them chatting away for hours of an evening... so cute :)

Marg, I will never be able to express how grateful I am to you for coming over during this time and giving of your time and energy so generously. We are so indebted to you and love you so much - this is why you are my mother not just in-law, but in-love! Thank you so much... xx


  1. Marg was amazing! I know that she cherished her time with your family and appreciated having a block of time to get to know eli & lily even more.

  2. Thank you Kate for the lovely words of appreciation. Times like these def. bond the family together and I was very happy to do all I could. I have so many special memories to cherish now!! xx to daughter in-love Marg

    Amber it was great to spend time with you and your lovely family. I look forward to more get togethers on future visits. Thanks so much for having the kids when Mark and I dropped them off. There was no mistaking that Lily and Eli are at "home" with you and family. Much love Marg
    PS had a sneak peak at your blog. You guys are amazing finding time to capture the moments xx


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