Monday, 9 July 2012

Fairy Mother (The Kids are Okay)

Excuse the dark and blurry photos, but I just managed to capture a glimpse of the kids engaged in their current favourite game at the moment from my bedroom, so I had to snap it! They call the game 'Babies' where they take it in turns being the baby and the mother. This game comes only second to the game 'Twins' where they are both babies... but I will have to try and capture that another day! Suffice to say, these games currently fill most of their free time.

They love this role-playing game, switching back and forth and inventing all kinds of scenarios. Lily is most often the Mama, and Eli enjoys being the baby who crawls around going 'Wahhh Wahhh' but they do take turns and Eli can also mother along with the best of them!

Fairy Mother taking her darling for a stroll

Today, Lily said she was a 'fairy mother' and took her precious bundle on plenty of rides around the house, smothering him with cuddles and calling him Sweetie, Darling and Little Fellow. She then decided her bubba was not feeling great and wheeled him to my room for a Doctor's visit, saying her baby had 'a sore throat, a cough and ear flecks' (wax!?) and needed a check up. Upon Doctor's advice, the baby was put to bed immediately, to a quick recovery, thankfully.

I love seeing Eli, at only two, getting so into imaginitive play that would normally be beyond him at this age without his sister constant engagement and encouragement. He just wants to be with her and doing what she does! I love seeing Lily nurture and create. I love hearing them play together so happily, letting their precious imaginations unfold.

A childhood of sweet sibling moments and invented games. These days I can only witness and not really participate - but how blessed I am to have such scenes unfurling right outside my door!

As much guilt and grief as I have felt and feel about how little I can do and be with my children these days... it's moments like these that I lie here and realise....

God's tender grace is covering us.

The kids are okay.

'Sweetie, are you feeling ok, sweetie?'


  1. Haha these are adorable photos! I believe I did the same exact thing, except with my little sister and we didn't have a stroller (sadly). Is there anything more beautiful than a child's imagination?

  2. The first photo is gorgeous. Lovely little fairy mother with her lovely little stride.

  3. Oh Kate,
    You brought tears to my eyes with your words.
    Bless you sister! May you continue to see God's grace in your life.


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