Saturday, 14 July 2012

a thousand thankyous

Awesomely weird and beautiful cabbage flowers from Lynda!

It's a funny thing, to be on the recieving end of so much love in the form of practical help at a time when you can't even afford to be too proud to accept it. When I say 'funny', I mean -

beautiful, amazing, humbling

I had thought to leave this post until I was 'better' but I just can't because I am already so very grateful. I am just in shock and awe at how my beautiful friends have rallied around me at this time. With a likely couple more months of this sickness to go, I just couldn't leave it any longer to say a public thank you to my amazingly supportive friends, family and church. Without being asked, friends have dropped over meals, insisted on taking out or coming around to look after the kids, and other beautiful and practical and much-needed-and-appreciated things that truly have been the only way I am surviving this season of sickness. Mark too, with a new job, uni (exams), caring for the kids and running the house solo, is just immensely thankful for how our loved ones have rallied around us. I mean, thankful doesn't even begin to cover it....

These are the kind of friends who don't just offer but insist. Who don't simply say 'Let me know if you need anything'  but turn up on your doorstep or confront you with a list of their planned ways to help and don't let you refuse. Friends with busy lives, small children, consuming jobs and their own lives, and difficulties, yet who still take a portion of time and energy to show love in a real and practical way to us at this time.

I mean, what can I even say in response?? Thank you!

It has not been easy for me, I admit. It has been humbling and uncomfortable even in my thankfulness - I realised I am much more comfortable being the helper than the helpee! It is a much easier role. Yet friends have also strongly encouraged me to sit back and be helped, that it is good for the soul to know how to recieve as well as give and good for the heart to learn to accept with grace and not pride. Good to learn to lean as well as stand. And by good I now know that means hard but good!

It has been a surprising experience.  For example, I was so moved to be contacted by an old aquaintance through Facebook who I haven't even seen in person for two or three years. She saw I was sick, she had been sick herself in pregnancy, and so just out of the blue contacted me and said she was dropping off a meal (and a cake) and just did so. Wow. How gorgeous is that?! I was so touched, I was just about speechless!

I want to give a shout out to these dear friends - I have endeavoured to keep a faithful list of those who have brought by meals or looked after the kids since I got sick (and various other kindnesses!). If in my fog I have forgotten anyone, please shoot me now - or at least forgive me for my addled brain. But you know I appreciate each and every one of you for caring for my family while I could not. A mama does not forget such things!!

amber, kat, kate b, kate s, janet, lynda, rosie, scott,
karen, kathryn, kristin, mum, nicole, dannielle, 
wayne, margaret, janette, sarah, josie,
misha, liz, laura, rachel, sally, chevelle

And so many other lovelies who have offered and planned upcoming help, and so many other kind hearts who have prayed, called, emailed and texted to check in on me and give their sympathy and love. I also know in different seaons of life we cannot always offer the help we would like to - I have been there too and truly understand. Everyone does their bit when they can, right? This is what makes us a community - one which I have never felt quite so wrapped in as I do right now. I have truly felt so supported and lifted up during this time.

I simply must also thank the sweet Lord for the internet for keeping me connected to my community even though I have been housebound for a good couple months now. Even though I feel like such a recluse, I don't feel alone thanks to this trusty little laptop! I'm not really up to talking on the phone these days so the net has been a bit of a lifeline!

So... again - thank you. I cannot wait to pay all this love and support forward when I am once again well. I will never cease to be amazed at people's generosity of spirit, creativity in giving and compassion in helping someone in need. This is all no surprise to me, I have witnessed such kindnesses many times in my life - God's love in action - and yet I never expected to be a recipient to such a degree. All I know is that in the midst of the misery of sickness, I am blessed to experience such joy from the kindness of others....

So... yeah, in case it wasn't clear.... thank you!



  1. Those flowers are awesome! I didn't even notice they were a cabbage thing until you wrote that! haha.

    I am so glad to read you've got such a wonderful support network!

  2. Gosh Kate, your words get me everytime. You are one of the most thankful people I know, but this post just highlights it even more.
    The thing is Kate, we do all of this because we know WITHOUT A DOUBT that you would do all of this (and possibly more) if the tables were turned.
    I know it would be hard to accept the help (never easy for a strong, independent mumma) but we can all see how much you need to draw your friends in now and we are so happy to do it.
    It breaks my heart to see my full of life friend so incredibly sick, but I know with support you will get through this hard phase. I can't wait to celebrate happier, healthier times with you in the near future. X x x x

    1. amber i dont even know where i would be in all this without your emotional and practical support... you are the bestest xx

  3. What a lovely story Kate!! PRAISE THE LORD! :)

    You are such a SWEET SWEET sister!

    Love and (((((Hugs)))) and prayers coming your way!!!


    PS Must check out more of you blog now :)

  4. You are so beautiful Kate and so deserving of this love. It is hard to be a recipient sometimes especially when it is so obvious that you love to be there for others, but I pray that God will comfort you and encourage you during this time of sickness. You are a terrific Mum and wife and friend to many and I know that they love to serve you. Kylie

  5. I hope you are feeling better. Wonderous flowers. Flowers are so lovely to light up a room - but a cabbage flower would not only light up the room but give you the giggles too! So glad that the community rallied and looked after you. take care. xx

  6. Love this post, you are the sweetest! I'm sure everyone is totally happy to help you guys out, because as Amber says, they know that you would do the same for them.


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