Monday, 30 July 2012

Sweet friends like these...

A sweet little friend popped over to exchange 4th birthday gifts with our little Lily. Within minutes, these two were suitably attired in pink dresses, and after a quick bite of afternoon tea, spent the rest of their time creating a madly, wonderfully mixed-up little world in a magical kingdom called Kansas!

They got up to all kinds of princess-y adventures in their fantasy world... four-year-old friendships are just the cutest!

PS. I cannot BUH-LIEVE I forgot to mention on here that I was greatly honoured to do a guest post on the stunning blog of the woman who started this whole Documenting Delight project!! I would love if you checked it out at Gregarious Peach and be sure to take some time to stroll on through her other magical images... she is so talented!


  1. These little princess girls are so so cute... and their dresses... simply adorable!

  2. Aw that's the cutest, reminds me of me and my bestie at this age - we had so much fun together!

  3. What a sweet, sweet picture! Happy birthday to your darling Lily! So funny that their magical kingdom is called (did they get that from the Wizard of Oz?) I just drove through Kansas on my way back from my grandfather's funeral...even posted a pic on my blog on Jul 23. While they do have some nice sunflower fields, it's really not that magical. Don't tell the girls though!! ;-)

    1. heehee yep faith, definitely Kansas cos of Wizard of Oz... lily is obsessed with it right now - that and Sound of Music! heehee yes i think lily thinks Kansas looks more like Oz!!!!

  4. Kate, I loved your post over at gregarious peach. I think your photos are brillant and totally capture the essence of your gorgeous family. I also love to read the stories behind your pictures, because your attitude to parenting is just so inspiring!


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