Saturday, 7 July 2012

Celebrating our Little Man

Today we enjoyed a small family celebration for Eli's 2nd birthday. My parents and Mark's mum were there to shower our boy in grandparenty love, and they and Mark basically did everything, with Eli's Mama able to do nothing much but orchestrate as best I could from my bed. Sorry little guy but I'm sure you had too much fun to even notice!

A simply sweet little birthday shindig was relished by the birthday boy who has been adorably singing Happy Birthday Eli for the last couple days. Yep, he knows what it's all about!! Lily has been giddy with excitement over the celebrations and doting on her brother with extra doses of love! She loves any kind of celebration, that kid.

I tried my best to be part of the fun, unfortunately I was only able to pop out for the major moments but I enjoyed hearing the laughter and fun from my bedroom and know Eli was being loved and celebrated as he should be. So glad I got to be there for cake and pressies though as they are of course the best bits!

And so... let the story unfold in photos!

Lily was the one who suggested Eli might like a Farmyard Cake. So my clever Mum went wild creating this
crazy/cool little number! When Lily saw it she insisted on adding about 20 more animals so it got super wild!

Look at those enchanted little eyes... dying to get his hands onto that cake!

It doesn't matter that only the family was coming - Lily had to get
fully decked out in her party clothes. Actually she was pretty
dissapointed there were not more guests and kept asking when
more people were coming. Girl loves a party!

He absolutely loved ripping open the presents with care and determination!
Yup, he got plenty spoilt too!

Tradie Eli? He went bonkers over this awesome little wooden toolbox we got him!

The sacred moment - presenting Eli with his very own 'Big Boy Couch' - he loved it!

'Let's lie on the new couch and squeal together in excitement, ok??'

Lily gave Eli one of her handmade pink fairy wands (just what he wanted!) and this drawing
that fairly accurately shows who she thinks is in charge of this duo!

Love his stunned little face when the lit cake came his way. Shock and Awe!

He blew all those candles out in two blows. No messing around!!
Three cheers for our darling boy!

So glad my little dude had a wonderful day, filled with love, kisses, cake, food, family and pressies - even though I wasn't able to be fully on board or engaged, his family made sure he had a great day and I know he went to bed tonight dreaming of green cake with farmyard animals prancing all around!

Sweet dreams, my grown up little fellow! Now you are two.....

Alright, enough games, let's eat cake!


  1. Happy, happy birthday, Eli!! These picture are so great! Absolutely love the one when the lit cake is brought out...priceless!

    So sorry to read about how tough pregnancy is on you. I wish you some relief soon.

  2. He is such a cutie. So cute to hear him sing Happy Birthday to himself this morning.

  3. Happy Birthday Eli!! These photos are great, I loled at the look on his face seeing the candles lit, what a wild head trip he was having!! I love the crazy cake too, totally awesome. Eli's birth story was amazing as well and bought tears to my eyes. I'm sure it's stories like that and celebrations like today that make what you are going through now with this pregnancy seem worthwhile :)

    1. aw thank you! yes the cake totally blew his mind ;) you are right, re-reading eli's birth story made me SO excited and look fwd to giving birth and meeting this new little one - and determined to get throug this rough patch so i can enjoy it!!!

  4. Happy birthday to Eli! Awww, looks like he had a blast!

    I have to admit I get really carried away planning birthday parties (just because I personally enjoy it) but as a kid this was the sort of party we had every year and I never felt I missed out on anything, all the most important people were there :)

    That last photo <3 he is such a sweetie. This next year will be full of adventures and he will get to become a big brother which is extremely exciting!

    Always thinking of you Kate and hope you're feeling better asap xx

  5. These kids are very cute! Happy birthday.


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