Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Our Little Buddy Boy!

Oh, little man! Who couldn't smile when being greeted by such a cheeky grin? Or your hysterical giggles as you bounce up and down madly in your cot, using it as a trampoline for your post-nap workout?

You have charisma in spades, dear boy! It's not just your blue eyes and golden curls (which I promise I will eventually cut one day!) that attract people - it's that quirky sense of humour already so apparent, and your cheery affectionate nature. Not one to be ignored, you have always been able to let yourself be heard - whether happy or very displeased! At 18 months you now seem to be a 'real boy', so full of ideas and adventure. I love to hear your chatting, your singing, your giggles with your sister. I am so thankful to be smothered with your tender kisses, and to fall back under your weight when you launch yourself across the room at me with a bellow of 'Mummmmmeeeeee!! Cugggglleeeee!!!!', and to feel your head buried in my neck, your sweet arms clutching my shoulders.

You came into the world in such a hurry and have always had energy to burn - just imagine the adventures that lay ahead! The twinkle in your eyes tells me you already have so many thoughts about this big wide world, and I cannot wait to share more and more of it with you! God bless the path before you, Little E...


  1. Oh how I love this post! I love reading letters to babies, it is always lovely to hear how much other people love their children :)

    And great photo! Love the colours! Blake has a similar sleepsuit to Eli :)

  2. Ah cutest! Wow, my 20mo old does exactly the same thing when she wakes up! She even says cuggle! SO sweet. Love how you've set up his room, looks beautiful!

  3. What a lovely nursery! And I agree with you on Eli's lovely blonde curls - he looks like such a happy little soul :)


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