Sunday, 22 January 2012


During the kid's nap time I heard a very chipper little voice coming from Lily's room.... I was about to go in and investigate but I stopped at the door and this is the happy chatter I overheard...

Hello God, yes, how are you God, excuse me did you have a dress yesterday? What colour is it? Was it pink and purple? And green, that’s a nice colour! God, I can’t hear you very much, oh Hello Jesus too how are you going, excuse me God and Jesus, do you have a swing set? Wow, two swing sets and a trampoline - that’s amazing!! And God and Jesus, do you have a room you sleep in at night cos I don’t really know what room you sleep in. Ok, God and Jesus, I will go to sleep now, bye!
Seriously!!!! I was laughing my head off outside the door and of course I had to go in and give her a cuddle... obviously my girl and her God had some serious catching up to do!!

We had an easy pancake dinner tonight and my little lady also prepared a bunch of food in her little kitchen to contribute, even setting it all on the table and then clearing it away afterwards. Oh, she is just such a big little girl... how I love her and her busy and creative and kooky little ways!

A Sunday night feast!


  1. Lily is so adorable!
    I love listening in on Finn's little convos too. They say the cutest/funniest things when we're not listening hey?
    Love the memories you are capturing.
    P.S. You are such a GEM for dropping Finn's hat off! Thank you! Finn was very relieved!

  2. Oh this is so sweet!
    Precious girl.
    I love listening to my children pray.

  3. lol
    that is just beautiful! i'm teaching my little 19 month old to pray and she tries to say 'Amen' which almost sounds like it, but it's just music to my hears listening to her.
    what a delight!
    great pics too :)

    1. that is soooo cute Angie, never too early to start! at meal times Eli (18m) also puts his hands out to hold ours and tries to say amen too... its so precious and a good habit to start young!

  4. I had to read this out to Tony. It was so precious and funny at the same time! I've started praying with Arddun before her breakfast, too. But it's quite a hopeless affair, because she just strains for her fruit. I'm sure all she hears now is, "Blah blah blah" anyway.

    1. wtg Velle! good habit to start young but yes at this age you may not get a huge response! ;) we used to just pray outloud w our hands near theirs (not forcing them to hold on) and then were surprised to realise pretty soon they just started holding our hands quietly and then trying to say amen of their own accord. Knowing arddun this could be in the next couple of days!! :)


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