Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Digging for Worms

So today was the first day after enthusiastically leaping into this project that I thought... 'Soooooo....... I guess I need to take another photo today?! Of what???' It is definitely going to take some planning, some creativity and some commitment to keeping this little project going! But never fear, all three of my faithful readers, I will endeavour to press on!!

It actually made me stop and reflect on what this blog is going to be. Of course I probably could have thought this through a little more before starting, but was so keen I just kind of jumped in! (Oh my, how impulsive!) I absolutely want it to be a recording of Project 366: Documenting Delight in 2012. A challenge to look deeper and capture the many miraculous blessings, comforting rituals and precious moments in our family. But I know (and have already proven!) that the chances of someone as verbous as me simply posting one photo a day into such an infinite space? I would say the chances of that are slim to none! So yes, this blog will be a Project 366 but also a place to record family stories, thoughts about parenting, thoughts about life, thoughts about faith... and I dare say a fair amount of rambling! Anyone who is willing to roam along with me is certainly deserving of a gold star! (Just let me know if you want me to send you one, Lily has heaps to spare).

And so...

My baby is not afraid to get a little dirty!

A regular event in our home is feeding food scraps to our industrious little worms in our worm farm. Lily loves this task and constantly enquires if they are hungry yet and in need of food! Lily loves to turn over the top soil of the farm, while singing to the woms and lovingly enquiring of their well being 'Hellooooo wormies! Are you hungee today?? Got some scaps for you, wormies!'. She is a devoted mother to the hundreds of worms in her care, with not an ounce of squeamishness that makes me very proud! The subsequent step of pouring the worm tea (or 'tea wee' as she was calling it today) onto the garden via watering can is also a super fun task! Working together with my girl makes even this simple chore into a wildly fun adventure, full of questions, exclamations and fascinations. Love to see the world through her eyes and love that even from this tender age she can be learning things about food waste, recycling, animal care, and nutrients!


  1. So cute! Love the pop of beautiful bright yellow, definitely lifts it.
    And singing to the worms? Adorable!

  2. I love how we begin to see things in new ways through children's eyes! I love that even worms deserve music. There is a lesson in that for all of us! :)

  3. I love that your daughter isn't afraid to get her hands dirty, my kids are the same not really afraid of any of the creepy crawly's and always ready to get a bit dirty, what a lovely photo, and a sweet little girl.

  4. Oh good on her! So good to see girls who love slimy creatures!

  5. I have thought about doing this before, we've done caterpillars turning into butterflies and ant farms, and I know my kids would love worms. Thanks for the reminder and inspiration to actually get this going. I may have to ask you for worm pointers!

    1. ooh yes go for it! happy to pass on any tips although im no expert! but we have had ours for about a year, its very low maintanence (you can leave it for weeks if you are away!), uses up all your scraps and makes an incredibly good fertiliser for the garden/vegie patch! and yes, i think awesome for the kids to be involved in too, lily has loved ours.

  6. How gorgeous! Nothing more precious than a girl with her hands covered in dirt and worms! I like your thoughts for your blog, sounds great, can't wait to read more :)


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