Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Chillin' with E.

A few quiet minutes chilling on the couch with my little man were an easy delight today!

He is just so delicious...

Always got time for books!

Capturing his curls...
On his way off the couch (for even the sweetest cosiest moments can't last long when you are 18 months old and have serious work/play to do), Little E bestowed me with some farewell kisses and his signature cheery little smile.

I could seriously eat that delicious little shoulder!

My baby is almost 19 months and just seeming ever so grown up these days - talking more and more, laughing, singing, dancing and able to really engage and play 'proper' games with his sister, to her utmost delight! I am just really relishing being with my boy right now, he has just grown up so much over the summer into a real little toddler, baby no more, and I love to see his character emerging more and more each day...

A farewell smooch!
To copy an idea I saw on my dear friend Amber's blog, I thought it would be a good idea to record Eli's current likes and dislikes at this milestone age of 18 months!

Likes: Reading (non-fiction only, thanksverymuch), 'cuggles' and kisses, dancing, singing, loud musical instruments, playing chasey/hide and seek with Lily, plums, frozen peas, crackers, dry weetbix, milk, wrestling with Daddy.

Dislikes: Mushy textured food (usually - like scrambled eggs), reading Fiction.

Back to work!
(Love that cute cloth-nappy bottom!)


  1. gorgeous photos, love those curls and the art work in the last one

  2. The curls, the smile, the cutie pie bum - love it all!
    I really like the shot you got of his curls in the light - perfect!
    So happy that you jotted down a few of his likes and dislikes. Cracks me up that he loves non-fiction only. Just like Finn. x

  3. Oooh I really like the blackboard picture.


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