Sunday, 15 January 2012

Now we're cooking...

Ahhhh, cooking with kids! They love it, don't they? My little Lily just adores eating helping in the kitchen, (while of course sampling as much as possible)! Late Sunday afternoon is often the time I try to bake something tasty for the week to feed guests, children and of course the hubby who needs a snack to devour when he comes home from work, even when dinner is mere seconds from being served (?!?!).

Anyhoo - today we made up some Anzac Slice together and it was a lot of fun. Miss Lily is getting to be quite the pro in the kitchen, and it is wonderful to see her skills improve as she grows and practises e.g. cracking eggs and using the sifter. Though while the scene often looks idyllic, I admit internally this Mama is often in turmoil! The control freak in me must continually bite my tongue against too many 'reminders' to stir slowly, and the urge to snatch back the wooden spoon when flour gets flicked all over the bench... after all, you gotta spill a little flour in order to learn to make cakes, right? Right??!

I want this time to be something she enjoys, I want to teach and encourage without stifling and nagging. I know a big part of this is respecting that in order for her to learn these skills, she must be allowed to do them awkwardly for some time yet... or she will never get there!

A big part of this parenting gig I see as equipping my kids for life. Not only is cooking a fun activity to do together, I love the idea of starting early in building confidence and skills in the kitchen, setting up what I hope will be an enjoyment and profiency with food for life.... so that maybe they will move out of home with a destiny of more than 2-minute noodles for dinner every night!!

Looking towards that end goal makes it a little easier for this mama to handle a bit of spilled flour for a few more years!


  1. Loving your blog! We seem to have similar sentiments in terms of parenting. I love finding other mama's who think about their parenting and want to make their children's lives an incredible experience! Good on you :) Can't wait to read more!

    1. aww thank you! yes i really try to parent 'intentionally' and also am so encouraged by likeminded parents who really want to invest in their kids. love your 'name' and now eagerly hopping over to check out your blog too! thanks for commenting xx

    2. Awwwww, now look, two of my favourite people in the world are finding they have things in common.
      I do pick my friends wisely ;)

      Andi, this is Kate she is a great mother.
      Kate, this is Andi and she is a great mother. :) :)

    3. wow yes, i just realised Amber when I saw the DocDelight wall Andi's name that I have seen commenting on your wall - too funny, small world and clearly lots of fabulous people in it! ;) love it!!

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