Thursday, 12 January 2012

Not catching up, just diving in!

I am so new to this, it terrifies me! I never thought I could do this blogging gig.... but here I am! Inspired by the 365 project (taking a photo a day for a year), and my dear friend's new blog to track it... I saw the posts go up and was so very inspired, I yearned to participate! Ah well, I thought, shame it's past January 1st, will just leave it another year.... or seven...

Then yesterday my charming 3.5yr old daughter Lily suggested we eat our peanut butter sandwiches outside. Little 18month old brother Eli was having his first 'Nana Day' at my Mum's house and it felt ever so decadent to have time just me and my little Miss! So 'Sure' I said... even though I had to immediately quell the thoughts in my mind that said 'But while she eats lunch, I normally tidy the kitchen, put away random items, hey even check my email!'. Cherish and sieze these moments, I told myself, so out we marched into the sunshine and ate our peanut butter sandwhiches under the shade of the trampoline. It was delightful - although I had to freqently beat down the thoughts in my head suggesting I just quickly pull up a few weeds, take down the washing from the line, etc... why is it so hard to simply SIT and BE with our children?? So I sat and was.... we ate, we dilgently tracked the journey of a little ant/fly thing wriggling in the grass for some time (although he could not be convinced to eat some of Lily's crust).

I conversationally asked Lily what she was thinking about and she looked at me coyly... 'I'm thinking about someone who's kind to me' she said. 'Oh, who's that?' I enquired. 'You!!!' she squealed.... this child never ceases to amaze me with her sweet thoughts. Lily then launched into a hysterically random monologue for seriously 10 minutes about all the different kinds of skirts (most invented and truly bizarre like the ones that go over your arms and neck with buttons on the top???!) after asking me 'Mummy, would you like me to tell you some things about skirts'. I mean.... who is this kid?!!

And at that moment I thought - these days are incredible, these moments so fleeting and so magical. I feel so blessed at times it makes me weep... literally. How can I not record these times more fully? Perhaps this blog will make me more accountable.... Hell, I've missed 13 days of the year but I am going to jump in and try this fandangled blogging thing! I will endeavour to keep it up.... even though exposing my thoughts online scares me, I guess it's a little alluring too or there wouldn't be like two zillion other blogs just like this one, right?!?

So here she goes....


  1. Great post. You are a great writer! It really is so hard to sit and be with our children sometimes isn't it. A constant challenge for me. Wish I could have been there to share your pb&js!

    Rachel (stella)
    (sorry, this is showing up as my other account)

    1. Wow, my first comment ever, how exciting thanks Rachel!! :) Yes you are right, it IS so hard, even when you are home with them to just sit and 'be'... I find I have to make it a conscious part of our routine or its (sadly) far too easy to just slip by! thanks again, lovely lady!

  2. Love the blog, love your pics, love your thoughts. Keep them coming please!

  3. Oh she is so small! :) What a little sweety and a beautiful first post xx


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