Monday, 30 January 2012

Ballet Girl

Getting ready for church today, I dressed Lily in the adorable little ruffle skirt she got for Christmas from her doting grandparents in Perth. She asked to wear her (hand me down) ballet shoes too and though they are usually reserved for home I agreed and then for a bit of extra fun, I did her hair up in a bun....

'I'm a ballet girl!!!!!" she squealed, jumping up and down looking in the mirror, 'Wow, I'm so excited!!!! I look really amazing!!!" (Gotta love a 3 year old's self confidence, haha!)

On our way out to the car there was time to do a bit of dancing and twirling down the driveway - ohhhhh this girl - how I love her! I adore her joy, her imagination, her silliness. Check out her ballet moves - can you believe she is completely self-taught?! Ha! ;)

I wish I was tricky enough to join the photos together to make a collage of sorts so I could pretend it was just one photo for today, but alas I am not that clever! I just had to include one more shot of the kids running into the church building that morning. Daddy did the sermon (talk) that morning too... it was wonderful and we were all very proud and encouraged. A sweet Sunday with my little family...

They can't wait to get there, they love their church family!


  1. I love everything about these pics!
    She looks adorable & so excited.
    i have fond memories of my girls skipping into church in their pretty pretty dresses.
    Yay for hubby I'm sure he did brilliantly.
    Tell her she is one of prettiest dancers i have seen:)

    1. aw thanks!!! yes she was so excited, the girl just loves dress ups :) thanks so much for your kind words!


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