Thursday, 26 January 2012

Australians, all let us rejoice?

The best laid plans of mice and men, huh?

Plans for a picnic and fireworks were shelved when the rain came down. Lily cried in disappointment to miss the 'show' she had been so excited about, but put her chin up pretty quickly, my resilient little girl. As a weak consolation, I bought some sparklers for the kids to enjoy as a surprise after dinner, hoping the novelty would add a little special excitement to the holiday.

Her concerned little face!
Result? A moderate success... yes, they enjoyed it but they were a little cautious and nervous at the concept of holding onto 'fire', and I think Lily was expecting something more 'amazing' asking if there was still another surprise to come...perhaps Mama built up the 'big surprise' element a little too much?? Oops!!

(What is it that all the cool kids say these days? Phail??)

Tiara, Gumboots and Sparkler - what more do I need?

Getting more confident!

I tried, my little darlings, I tried...

And even when those sparkly bits of life don't sparkle quite as much as we hope or expect.... I still find so much joy, thankfulness and delight in you!


  1. Oh sparklers was a great idea! (Even if not quite as sparkly as fireworks:)
    I love the first photo- such a funny little expression!

  2. Oh well, you got me giggling.
    Her little face looks sooo worried in the first shot!

    Let this teach you a lesson though; don't tell kids you have a surprise for them, just surprise them!
    Because unless you actually have a spaceship full of puppies, a pirate ship full of monkeys, or a fairy castle full of kittens, your surprise can't be nearly as cool as what their little imaginations have come up with... ;)

    1. yes so true there Pamela!! lol, that was a rookie mistake huh! ;)

    2. I think it was possibly a reminder of something I knew as a kid but had forgotten... :)

  3. Oh Kate it was far from a fail. YOu are always creating little and big memories for your kids and that's the main thing :)
    Lily does look a little hesitant in this pics!

    1. aww thanks hon! i felt a bit disheartened just cos I was so excited to head out for the big night, ah well, you win some and lose some right? :)

  4. Ummm, the tiara and gumboots combo = awesomeness!!!


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