Tuesday, 18 September 2012


Well, as you may have noticed, yesterday my blog got hacked!!!

The kids had just gone to bed and I was collapsing onto the couch when Mark called out 'Kate, have you seen your blog, I think it's been hacked!'


Of course, I open up my laptop quick smart to check, freaking out and wondering what could have happened. Some random post is on my page but I was so panicked I couldn't take it in... my mind went....

Cannot compute
Cannot compute
My blog has been hacked
Some weird message here, why would someone do this?
These random words seem like a letter
This is weird. I don't get it. Is this a virus?
Hang on, what?! This is from Mark!??! Huh??!!

Yeah, I guess I'm not the brightest spark!

Meanwhile, Mark is just sitting there grinning like a cheshire cat. Finally my floundering mind grasps the bit about a gift in the spare room. Mark urging me along, I go and find a birthday gift bag on the spare bed and start unwrapping this package that is in about 50 layers of bubble wrap. I am so confused as to what it could be! Then through the bubble wrap I see the word 'Canon' and I realise immediately he has somehow gotten a DSLR camera!! I gasp and immediately burst into tears - 'How did you do this!?!?' I babble.... tears/laughter/hugs/shock! Lily is still awake in her room and overhears the carry on - as she is the fierce protector of the family's emotional well-being, she starts calling out in a worried voice 'Are you OK, Mummy? Are you crying? What's happening?!', so I have to pull myself together to go reassure her that Mummy is ok and very happy!!!

Me and my new (camera) baby!! No idea how to set it yet but I can already see the difference!

Anyway. Wow, I am so stunned - I never thought I would own such a fancy 'proper' DSLR camera. I certainly would never have 'approved' spending the money on myself for one!!! But turns out my darling hubby had been planning this for a couple months. He had done heaps of research, consulted with my photography-mentor Amber, and planned this amazing surprise. It was supposed to be a birthday gift for October but I guess he wanted to surprise me as I was now at last feeling a bit better from this pregnancy sickness and he wanted to celebrate. He never ceases to amaze me with his sweetness, his thoughtfulness and of course his sneakiness - I had nooooo idea!  I am so clueless!! His lovely parents also (sneakily) put in for the gift and knew all about it - thanks soooo much Marg and Dave, you lovely pair! 

Anyway, now I am feeling very spoilt with this gorgeous camera which I really don't know how to use but look forward to trying to learn! I protested a bit at such a gift but Mark assures me that really its for the whole family as it's for documenting these precious family years, and he is also so proud of this little blog and wants to help me take photos I am happier with. Sigh. Yes, he is wonderful!

Thanks, honey!!
Thank you so much, Mark, for supporting me, surprising me, loving me. You bring constant joy to this little life of ours, and I am so grateful for your love and for this amazing gift.... now, no more hacking my blog!!!! ;)



PS When I was telling Lily about the camera in the morning, she said - 'But Mummy, we don't need a new camera. We should be thankful for the things we already have!' 

Um!?! So I tried to explain that I was indeed happy with what I had but Daddy did a lovely kindness in surprising me with this gift. Kids?!

PPS Now I just have to share one more cute tale about our Mr Personality. Today after taking Lily to school, Eli asked to carry one of her school art works. Holding it proudly he then announced 'Lily gave me 'dis. That's a kindness!' then examining it closely he proclaimed 'Beaudiful!!!'. What a sweetie!

Daddy got in on the action and snapped this little shot of our sweet boy!


  1. This post makes me so, so happy. Yes I LOVE it that you are now in the DSLR world (which I think you are going to completely rock by the way) but I love the story behind the gift. Mark's gift to you was so thoughtful, surprising and something that is for YOU but will also be a great gift to your whole family. It is wonderful to see real love in action.
    The photo of Eli - GORGEOUS!
    I do love the little additions at the end. Those beautiful and kind kids of yours!

    1. thanks dearest amber - i would feel a lot more overwhelmed if i didnt have a photog mentor close at hand :) thanks so much for your support!! i know, mark was just amazing thinking and doing all this.... love that guy!

  2. Oh Kate! What a beautiful family you all are! Your post put a tear in my eye...
    I love your first few pictures from the new camera and can't wait to see more.
    Congratulations! No one is more deserving of a little spoiling than you. And welcome to the awesome, addictive world of DSLR photography :)

    1. thanks so much Tarnya - your photography will be my inspiration though i can only dream of capturing shots like you do!!

  3. Aahhh so exciting! I can only imagine how shocked and overwhelmed you must have felt. Such an incredible surprise! So so happy for you!!

  4. Loved the hacked story! (Mark, you are a keeper!;) Such a beautiful gesture of love!

    It has obviously been ages since I have visited your blog regularly enough to realise you have been so sick! (I guess you have been pregnant as long as Abe (the new babe) has been around- which is about when I fell off the blog bandwagon:P)

    Glad to hear you are feeling much better & I agree with Tarnya- you will now be hooked;)!!!

    1. oh ive missed your gorgeous blog too - Abe is so adorable!

  5. Oh wow... that sounds so lovingly... your family is so very cute and your first picture taken of you and the new DSLR is wonderful! Wish you lots of super photos!

    1. thanks maxima - i sure have a LOT to learn but im excited to make some attempts!


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