Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Two Sick Girls

Lily went off to school chirpily today, but came home quiet, pale-faced and feverish with a sore tummy - not well! Uh-oh! Thankfully she is the world's best patient when she is sick - no tears or complaints, she just sleeps a lot, lies around quietly, reads or watches TV. So after going down to nap without wanting lunch and then an episode of Playschool she cottoned on to the idea that two sick girls should really be hanging out together. Into bed with me she crawled, both of us miserable and yet happy to be together. Her hand clutched mine under the cover, we just lay there on our pillows looking into each other's eyes.

'We just always love each other, don't we, Mummy?' she asked. We sure do, baby girl. Variations of this sweet phrase were repeated all afternoon, she is such a verbally affectionate little girl - 'I love you, Mummy, I just love you!' she repeats as she burrows as close as she can. It did my heart so good to be close to her - I have missed spending time with her so much. Both of us unwell yet happy to be quietly side by side.. making the best of a bad situation. Not much talking, just peaceful, she laid there listlessly as I rested or read. Eventually she fell asleep next to me into the evening, the happiest little sick girl I ever did see.

Love her. Immeasurably.


  1. As always, beautiful words Kate. And how blessed are you to have such a sweet, stoic little girl as your bedfellow? Lovely pictures too.
    Hope you are both feeling better soon!


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