Monday, 18 June 2012

Hitting the Park with Friends

My lovely friends Rosie and Scott super-duper-kindly offered to take the kids on Sunday afternoon as Mark had to study for his week of exams and I was, as always, laid up in bed.

Then she even took a bunch of sweet photos so I could see what hijinks they got up to... and even cover a day on the blog! When you are a full time Mum who usually spends pretty much every waking moment with your child, it is pretty fun and special to peek into their adventures without you - I admit I love to hear about every moment and it all seems so much cuter and funnier cos they are away from you and all grown up and independent! So, thanks Rosie for these fun photos and thanks most of all dear friend, for looking out for us and our family during this little rough patch... we feel so loved! x

Lily looks thrilled at this incredible swing... Eli is not quite so sure...

Two climbing monkeys out on a winter's day

Super Swing with Sweet Rosie

This park looks amazing and I don't even know where it is!


  1. I know this park!
    That swing freaks Finn out big time. Harper not so much ;)
    It's just behind Woden Plaza, Eddison Park. It's a winner plus has a duck pond next to it too :)
    Looks like the kids had a ball!

    1. oh cool - ive always wanted to go there! (spied it from the road but never ventured in)... ok when im better we will have to do a little outing there together huh!


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