Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Secret Tea Party Society

** these photos weren't taken today but am i am posting them today in the spirit of making this blog more managable for me right now**

I spend some of the day at my Mum's house with the kids so I could be with them while also getting some help in caring for them, and some extra rest for me.

Intruding as I was on Lily's regular routine of hanging out at Nana's house, I got to witness a few of their special little traditions. After nap time, Lily started carefully setting up the kids' table, piece by piece, with little vintage china tea settings. I was witnessing the Secret Tea Party Society in action...

Wow, I commented, you get to use all those special things to have a tea party with Nana?

We do this everytime, Lily replied nonchalently.


Such a little lady...

And so, real china plates, little tea cups, tiny tea pots (with real very very weak tea), milk jugs (with real milk), sugar jars (pretend sugar), mini-teaspoons, gingernut biscuits and a few mixed nuts in a dish were carefully placed on the table by the Lady In Charge Of Proceedings (Lily). Everyone took their seats, including a wriggly little brother (special guest) as Lily took the role of Mother, mixing up everyone's tea to their specifications with care and finesse. A paper towel was judiciously used by Mother to mop up any drips and drops from the finicky tea pot, accompanied by a genial 'Ooops, a little spill, that's ok'.

I watched with bemusement from my spot lying on the couch.

It was pretty darn cute.

Most sweet of all - even after watching Eli down four mini-cups of tea - was getting a glimpse into this private world of grandmother and grandchildren. A world where Nana takes the time, every time the grand kids visit, to sit down with them to an elaborate and delicate tea party, practising table manners, acting grown up and partaking of sweet treats and moments together.

These are the memories a childhood is made of. Grandparent memories of special bonds and secret rituals. Precious indeed, and a rich blessing for all involved.

I am besotted with her sweet little hands!


  1. What a sweet little lady.
    How wonderful that Lily & her Nana have these special play moments together :)

  2. This is amazing, I love how you have written so fondly of the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren. What a special little game they have together and how wonderful that you were able to witness it. Rest up beautiful lady. Another one on the way to enjoy these moments too.

  3. It is just so lovely to come in here and see just how much your beautiful children have grown, and a very HUGE congratulations to you - that is simply wonderful news. 3 kidlets are the best.


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