Saturday, 9 June 2012

permanent playmates

These days, the sibling play between Lily and Eli is reaching new and glorious heights. They spend literally hours playing happily together each day, deep in the world of their imagination. Lily for the most part directing their play and Eli for the most part happy to just roll with whatever is happening. On occassion he will throw out a very terse 'No!!' to which Lily will normally appeasingly reply 'Ok, buddy! That's ok!'

Usually they play a thousand rounds of Hide & Seek (which is how Eli can already count to ten) or 'Mummy and Baby' but today the game of choice was playing 'Doggies'. They took it in turns being doggie or owner. Throwing bones, scratching tummies, taking walks, having sleeps. Lily named her dog/brother Beatrix Potter!?

Lily gives her dog Beatrix Potter a well-deserved pat after
he fetched his 'bone'...

Built in playmates for life... how sweet it is to watch them together, how beautiful it is to know they have each other. Love these two!


  1. I love seeing how kids play and interact together, so special and cute. :)

  2. Adorable. Beatrix Potter is a great name for a doggie.


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