Tuesday, 19 June 2012


When Grandpa was here he (very bravely) took both the kids grocery shopping - and they all three had a wonderful time. And because grandparents are made for spoiling and because Grandpa loves his magazines (computer, science, invention, etc), he took them to the newsagents and let the kids choose out a little kiddie magazine each. Yes, magazines for preschoolers and toddlers exist, it turns out... which just proves you can make a market out of just about anything. Anyway, Lily's magazine was very pink and glittery - needless to say she was absolutely thrilled especially because the magazine came with a free pink sparkly lipgloss!! Mmmm, yes, her little heart was fit to burst with joy!

Happy girl who may have some work to do on her lipgloss application skills!?

And I simply had to include this one... this is her REALLY happy face!


  1. Oh my, she has the sweetest little face and smile. She must make your heart sing.

  2. Ahaha! That is too cute! She's so proud of her big girl skills. Love it!

  3. Oh her smile! Priceless. Hooray for Grandpas who are happy to buy little girls sparkly magazines!


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