Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Guest Post by We Stood Together: Eli's Kettle


Today I am very excited to share my very first guest post on my blog! By my dearest delightful friend, and AH-mazing photographer, Amber of we stood together fame. Ok, so now you are getting a taste of  true photography talent, I hope you will still put up with my shoddy efforts from here on in??! Nevertheless, please enjoy her precious images of my (shameless bias) adorable little man.... then hop on over to her blog 'cos it is all kinds of awesome!

Hi ya, my name is Amber and I blog over at we stood together. This is my first ever guest post on someone else’s blog. Technically, it’s not an official guest post as I kinda demanded that I write today’s post over here at living, loving, laughing. Not in an aggressive/threatening way, more like a “Hey Kate I think I got some sweet photos of little E this morning, how about I tick one job off your list and do your post for today? “ See, in a helpful way (I think?)

Kate and I have a nifty little deal on Wednesdays. Our firstborns, Finn & Lily happily part us and head off to Playschool, leaving our littlest ones, Harper & Eli behind. Alternating weekly, one of us takes Harper & Eli to a music class then back to our house for a short playdate, while the other one soaks up some quality Mumma time. This morning was my turn to look after the toddlers.

In our playroom Eli stuck closely to the baby dolls and the home corner, cooking up tasty treats for Harper and I and tending lovingly to his babies. Eli was pouring cups of tea for me out of a plastic kettle. I showed him a little switch you can flick on the side that starts up the sound of a kettle boiling then ultimately whistling. His eyes immediately widened when he heard the sound. “Again! Again!” So I showed him again and each time the reaction was the same; eyes widened, then when the loud whistling sounded he made this adorable “oooohhhh” face. This repeated over and over. For quite some time. It was wonderful to watch a toy that is well-loved and familiar to my two become new and exciting to another child.
{now where is that switch?}

{bingo! switch found}

A toddler’s sense of wonder, it’s a delight to watch. Eli, little buddy, you are a delight too. I am so thankful that you and Harper have become buddies.


  1. commenting on my own blog... YES I AM! I mean, I guess this is what you do when someone guest posts on your blog?! :) Anyway... sigh - amber, i am in loooove with these pics. I gotta say the last one - I gasped. Like, in that image i see glimpses of eli as a teenager, a man... i dont know, i can just see there glimpses of him all grown up. love it. thanks for writing about the morning, i love hearing every second and as you well know i truly appreciated the break too. Eli is in the best of hands w you and i love seeing his gorgeous laugh and eyes captured by your amazing skills - thank you!!! and - i had to laugh at the idea of you ever being threatening!!! yeah right. more like - ever so thoughtful as always, and i very gratefully got to remove this to-do item off my very busy day. YOU ROCK xx

    1. I *almost* didn't include the last shot. It kinda doesn't go with the theme of the post but I gave it one last look and knew that it couldn't be left behind. It DOES give you a little future look doesn't it? Like those features that you meet first when you look at the photo will still be there when he is older.
      This post, and this morning was all my pleasure.
      He is such a beautiful boy Kate; so animated, kind, playful and gentle. I really do enjoy the mornings when I get to look after Eli & Harper :)

  2. Kate I was about to say that exact same thing when I saw the last image of Eli, you can really see what he will look like as he gets older! Fantastic job Amber, I love this post and that even though it was by you, it was still all about Eli. Just perfect :)

  3. Awww.... the pics are so so beautiful... of course because the boy is adorable! I love the idea of a guest post. Totally cool to comment on the own blog, isn´t it?

  4. Gorgeous boy band gorgeous curls.

  5. These photos are incredible!! Amber, when can you come take some of my Silas? ;-) Eli is such a handsome little boy. I love, love, love, all of that surfer blonde hair. You have so much to proud of, Kate!

  6. Great post Amber! Such great photos of Eli, and a super cute story to go with them!


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