Sunday, 3 June 2012

Pyjama Babies

After a long day where you haven't even thought about picking up your camera, it's a bonus when your three year old comes bursting out in her new PJs and is keen to model them for you!

'What does my shirt say?'

Ok, Sidenote here... I don't know whether it is a male/female thing or just a Mark/Kate thing but it makes me laugh/smile/cringe/shake my head whenever Mark dresses Eli in his PJs. Mark doesn't seem to notice that all his jammies come in these cute, strangely-for-some-reason matching pairs. Nope, he just grabs a top, some pants and away he goes. Note even the socks are not matching! I just have to laugh to stop myself from whisking Eli back to the bedroom to change into matching PJs. I know it doesn't actually matter yet it makes my fingers twitch for some reason?! So I cannot resist sharing this funny quirk here to see if anyone else has a partner who does this!? I'm all like - why not just match the PJs? And Mark's all like - He has a top and pants, what does it matter the pattern on them? (!!!!). Too funny, dear hubby, and totally no big deal but just makes me laugh/cringe cos I can't imagine not matching them if they are available. I mention only Eli as even Lily at three will weep if her Pjs aren't matching! (Her mother's daughter, clearly). Ok, I'm glad I got that off my chest, heehee...

'Buddy, something is not quite right about your outfit!'


  1. Oh this made me laugh so much!
    Yep, it's a man thing ;) My man does the same thing.....but with pjs and day wear :P

    1. Mark will be relieved (perhaps) its not just him! Or at least i am!!! LOL, its a post for another day but yes... the outfits he comes up with for day time... tracksuit pants with a collared shirt for example. I swear I am getting a badge made up that says 'Daddy dressed me today'. Heehee - we do love them all the same right?! :)

  2. Very cute! We have "daddy dressed me" days too. Gotta love them!

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  4. We don't have the PJ problem as we're still in wonder suits for bed in our house. BUT - the day wear mismatch is definitely a papa thing....just grab the first shirt & pair of pants and we're away....


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