Sunday, 31 March 2013

13/52 - Easter Adventures (Part One)


Grubby feet, pretty skirt...

This girl goes adventuring her own way!

(Out to lunch at Rodney's Nursery and Cafe for a family birthday celebration over the Easter Long weekend)


This boy seriously came up to me, post-chocolate-egg-devouring and asked earnestly - 

"Dis a lovely face?"

Yes, darling son - even covered in chocolate, to me it is always a lovely and lovable face!


My little delightful....

Project 52: A portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2013.

More highlights from the week that was...

Gasp - a photo of Mark and I together!!

A serenade from the balcony by Eli

He takes counting for Hide & Seek very seriously!

Singlet lovingly cross-stitched by my sweet neighbour and friend, Kat - I love it!

Driving home from church and Miles was crying. I turned around to see Eli with his hand in the capsule (you can kinda see in the mirror reflection). 'Eli, are you holding your brothers hand?' I asked. He replied seriously 'Yes, when he cwying'. *melt*  A sweet brother's soothing touch!

Sailor Boy

We hosted a singing/supper night at our home for our church family. Over 40 people somehow squeezed into
our lounge room to sing praises to God. It was so encouraging - most of all seeing these tiny two with big songbooks,
big hearts and big voices - joining in so joyfully!

I added the final token to my beloved necklace I received for Mother's Day a couple years ago.
I love that Miles' charm is still shiny and new - just like him!

Took the kids to get long-overdue haircuts...
this was only Lily's second cut but it's like that girl spends every day in a salon!!

We got some delicious new carpet in our bedroom after the ensuite vanity sprung a leak, damaging the vanity
 and the carpet. Thankfully our insurer came through! The new carpet is so crazy-soft I keep walking around on
it and am tempted to sleep on it... Miles is loving it too!

They play and play and play... lost in their own little
sibling world. I love, love, love it.

Mark's parents brought the kids a childhood's worth of Lego... best of all - it was their Daddy's when he was a kid! 

Who is that adorable boy in the mirror? I am enchanted!

Putting them in 'big boy' shirt and pants for
the first time is always a shock.... my little man!

Chilling on the couch with my baby boy... 


  1. Eeeek, so many wonderful. wonderful moments captured this week. I am a loss as to where to begin!!!
    I love the skirt/dirty feet shot of Lily. You frame it up so well and your eyes are really drawn to lily's feet.
    Eli and his "lovely face". What a character! That boy loves a bit of mess too!
    Miles in his MILES singlet is so sweet. What a beautiful gift!

    High five for getting a couples shot. Boy are those ones rare these days hey? I laugh when I look as the albums of Lach and I pre-kids. Lots of couples shots in those albums!
    Eli with Miles in the car. What a caring big bro. He has such a kind and gentle heart.
    That post -haircut shot of Lily is so lovely! A perfect portrait!

    Love the shot you ended with too.
    Well done of capturing so many special and beautiful moments this week :) Happy easter dear friend :)

    1. aw thanks amber! i was so happy w some of the shots this week that really seemed to capture the character of my kiddos - and yes, so rare to get a couple shot these days huh!!!! x

  2. Lovely photos, I cannot possibly pick a favorite! The one with your sweet baby looking at you is incredible. Also, chocolatey faces and joyful playing are always at the top of my list.

    1. thanks shannon - i love that shot of us too - nothing quite like exchanging deep and meaningful looks w your lil bubba :)

  3. Happy Easter!!! lovely pictures :)

  4. Great photos of your week! Lovely one of you and Mark together!!

    And i love that one of the kids snuggling in the bed together. Very sweet!

    As always, they are all beautiful photos, showing so much joy! Lovely!

    1. thanks talia - yes they were 'pretending' to read books in the bed together, little monkeys :)


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