Friday, 15 March 2013

sister, brother, brother

a backyard sibling photoshoot - just hanging out with my three little ducklings... 
no perfect poses but lots of interaction very typical of my precious trio!

(brace yourself for a photo overload.... couldn't help myself!)

This little yellow teddy was Mark's when he was little! Lily insisted Miles wanted to play with him today!

E trying to get in on the snuggling action!

Miles is reaching capacity - Lily and Eli go into 'soothing mode' -
Awwww, it's ok, little baby Miles!

If she is holding him, she is happy!

Who are these people who can get all their kids looking at the camera?? I salute you!
(But I love this pic cos I can see similarities in E + M here)

covered in smooches

Brotherly Collusion Commences


  1. So I see resemblances between the kids... but in the picture "covered in smooches," I just think Miles looks like YOU!

    1. he is my first kid where i can actually see glimpses of myself - its weird but kinda cool :) i am hoping his hair stays dark too, that would be fun!

  2. Something in these photos...not sure what it is...but Lily looks really different?? Not sure, older maybe? Love the series of pics....

    1. lol, i dont know who this is but i agree :) yes i was struck too by how much older she looked and i dont know... her face seems narrower, her eyes just different. my little girl becoming so grownn up!

  3. Yes, especially in that shot with her staring at the camera while boys "chat"...


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