Saturday, 2 March 2013

9/52 - where they sleep


Sweet girl on her bed. Happy, cosy place for my daughter.


Such characteristic things about my beloved middle child encapsulated in this photo!

* A black eye from whacking it on the side of the cot when jumping up and down excitedly when saying goodnight to Daddy. Enthusiastic to the point of hurting himself, that's Eli!
* Sleep suit on backwards so he doesn't take it and his pyjamas off and freeze overnight. You gotta get creative with this kid!
* He has always slept with a muslin blanket (or two or three!) and a variety of toys clutched in his arms. Recently I noticed he has developed this strange little habit of twirling up the corner of one of the muslins (usually the blue star one at bottom of image is his fave)... and sticking it in his ear. Unusual indeed (truly!) but I love it just 'cos.... it's him!

Never want to forget these quirks and charms from these early years... my funny little fellow!


Oh, Miles. 

Your bassinette currently hangs out in the guest bedroom. Clothes in baskets all around the room, a change mat on the double bed. You don't seem to care in the least about your temporary accommodations and soon you will have your very own room when your brother vacates the cot for you so he can share a bunk bed with his sister!

Can't believe I managed to capture this mega-yawn. I think he is hinting for me
to please leave so he can get to sleep!!

 Project 52: A portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2013.

More highlights from the week that was...

Making pizza dough with Daddy as per our usual Saturday night routine. Oh yeah, we rock out around here, haha.
The kids love watching the yeast 'activate'.

'Little tiny bugs alive!' says Eli.

Family movie night on a rainy day. Miles wants to join in even though he can't see the screen.

Dinner in the backyard... with extra upside down flair from Mr E

In her happy place - pottering around in her little outdoor kitchen/cafe
(as she has christened it)

I was rushing around trying to get ready to leave the house, making phone calls and packing bags and all manner
of things. I got off the phone and saw these two occupying themselves. 'We doing silent reading!' Eli proclaims.
**melt** I was extra grateful because I had been working with Eli recently on not interrupting when I was on the
phone and I could see he and Lily had decided to keep themselves busy like this while I was talking. Just when you
think it will never get through, it does... (well, until it needs to be re-taught again!!).

A visit to Nana's house requires a backpack (to be like Lily) which he wears
all morning. 

Wrinkly little baby feet.

Just had to add a few more squishy baby feet. They kick around so much it's hard to capture them!



  1. It has, regrettably, been a while since I popped in to see your family goings on. Much awesomeness to be seen! Miles seems to be doing excellently and the older two are as beautiful as ever. Love all these photos. I'll be sure to check in more regularly from now on :)

    1. thanks for checking in, vanessa - yes Miles is a well established and loved member of the family already, it feels like he has been here always. now don't be a stranger, ya hear! ;)

  2. look at the little glow worm yawning in his swaddler! so so sweet.

  3. Love love love love baby feet. Always! I also love Eli peering into the yeast bowl with that look of wonder.

  4. So many beautiful photos! I love Lily's room and Eli and Lilly reading and those scrumptious baby feet!

  5. I love these cute little bedroom shots, they are really stunning. We also have a "muslin wrap in the ear" kid here. It must feel good! He he.

    1. well there you go, they must be onto something good we dont know about - half tempted to try it haha! :)

  6. Thanks for dropping by! My, oh my your children are beautiful! Have a lovely week x

  7. Your little girl has such a happy face!

  8. Looks at the sweet little theme you had going on this week! Lily does look so happy and content in her room. It really is a lovely space for sleep and play. Eli, what a crack up! I do love that given the opportunity he would be a naked sleeper but yep, in a Canberra in the cooler months that just isn't going to work! And Miles - that yawn is incredibly big for someone who is so tiny. I still can't get over how well he is sleeping.
    Lovely piccies from a lovely week :)

  9. Oh lovely. Little toes!! Beautiful rooms and little squawking orange caterpillar next to your bed. ♥

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