Tuesday, 19 March 2013

balloons aloft!

An early start is totally worthwhile once a year for the annual Canberra Balloon Festival.

Rolling out of bed at 6am (after confirming the balloons were indeed lifting off that day), our entourage trekked out to the lawns of Old Parliament House for some gorgeous sights.  Five of us, plus Mark's parents and my mum.... a whole lot of family for a whole lot of early morning fun!

I love the sight of balloons lifting off in the misty Autumn air, but even more I just relish the pleasure of a little family outing and tradition.

The peacock was a favourite!

Miles was like 'Yawn. Balloons.... whatever.'

Not a great shot but this is Darth Vader!

Eli bubbling over with excitment at all the balloons!

If you ever wondered where Eli gets all his funny faces from....

A hot breakfast and a Lion balloon impression!

Goodbye Hugs as Daddy goes off to work...


  1. Oh you get about, don't you? ;) I think we'll be ready for the balloons next year - sounds like such a sweet little outing. That first photo is magic, Kate. Love to your lot x

    1. why yes we do like to get out n about! oh yes i think next year would be perfect for saskia, she will be old enough to really marvel at all the sights! thanks for stopping by, claire! xx

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    1. he is a crack up, for sure! Nic i hope you guys can come back next year so we can try again - THIS TIME we will call first to be sure they are lifting off ;) i did that this year, took a lot of the stress off :)

  5. I would love to photograph baloons!
    Love that "whatever" looks on Miles! :))

  6. I would love to photograph baloons! They look great!
    Love that Miles "Whatever looks!" :)


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