Sunday, 24 March 2013

12/52 - fireworks, parties, preschool!

We trooped out to the annual Skyfire fireworks show as we do every year, sitting on the edge of the lake with picnic packed to overflowing. We arrive hours early to guarantee a good spot but mostly it's because I love nothing more than just being out with my family and no distractions for a few hours... just time, sweet time, to chat, play together, eat, and watch the kids wrestle, run and dance wildly on the grass. Love it. Oh yeah... there were fireworks at the end, but let's be honest, they were just the excuse to attend! Sure they were gorgeous but little outings with my family are the most beautiful thing of all to me!


Her pretend grumpy face (not that different from her real one!) and thumbs in her ears. 
They were shooting cannons as part of a military display near by - very loudly - to the lady's displeasure!


Yep, he's a dude!


My little muscle man. He just gets toted along and is happy to chill out and get snuggled, no matter the locale.  
He spent most of the afternoon/evening in my arms. I held a folded blanket around his ears during the fireworks and he didn't even flinch!

Project 52: A portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2013.

More highlights from the week that was...

Running free...

'Eli, let's snuggle together on the chair' she said. So they did, giggling madly together in sibling collusion. 

While doing a spot of gardening, we found the perfect spot for Miles to hang out.
Well, he didn't stay there too long but it was cute while it lasted!

'We want to help take down the washing' they said while I was gardening... and invented their own way of doing so!
Not sure the 'yank' method is going to catch on...

my little sidekick

*making playdough*
I got to spend the morning as a helper at Lily's preschool. It was a lovely way to get to know her school,
the teachers, the other kids and what she gets up to all day. Thankfully she is at the age where she is proud and
not embarrassed to have me there!!

Digging into her snack

No surprise she spent a lot of time at the craft table! Box construction is
the best.

Watching over the chicks they have watched incubate in eggs, hatch, and now grow into very jumpy little chickies!

They are super into science, nature, environment and animals at this school. Like... really. I am in awe of this nature
corner - they have quails (laying eggs), stick insects, mice, caterpillars, a worm farm, frogs, fish, silk worms and more!

It seems like she has a princess party every weekend these days!!
Little Prince gets to come along too... lucky boy!

Ha! Could there be a more stereotypical boy/girl photo!?

Pink lemonade in china tea cups.... it's tea party perfection!

my little gentleman - oh yes, he can handle fine china!

My little prince rocking out on the harmonica

Oh yes - before Miles was born, my lovely and talented friend Bec asked if she could come and take some photos of Miles a week after he was born. Could she??! More like Would she! I was so touched that she offered to do this for our family.

A week after he arrived, along she came, and she took the most glorious photos of my darling baby at only seven days old.... I love every single one - and feel so extremely blessed to have such a kind and generous (not to mention crazy-talented) friend. So grateful I get to gaze at these images forever that so perfectly capture delicious teeny newborn heaven. Thank you, wonderful Bec...

You can coo over the images with me on her beautiful blog!


  1. What a great week you guys had. I love all the skyfire photos. The kids look so happy to be there (well Miles looks a little underwhelmed ;) ) I love that 'Dude' shot. It's true, Eli is such a Dude :)
    Yay to helping out at Lily's school. It's great to get that little insight into their world, especially when they are happy to have us there :)

  2. I believe I ma have just found another Canberra blogger! We had a great time at Skyfire and our ritual and reason for going sounds the same as yours. Awsome family time :)

    1. hey Soph - indeed you have! bet we are connected via friends somehow in this small town ;) so glad you enjoyed skyfire too - i always think of it as one of the last hurrah outdoor events of 'summer'!! gotta enjoy them while we can, right!

  3. Whoa, what a week Kate! I'm with Amber and love Eli in his Dude shirt, so cool. That was a pretty fancy kids party you went to with the fine china, such cute photos of your little people all dressed up and getting their party on! But my favourite by far is the last shot of Eli with the harmonica...awesome, awesome shot!

    1. yes it was a tea party (all the gear was hired) and i was marvelling at a bunch of toddler and preschoolers using the fine china - and NONE BROKE! a miracle :) thanks so much - i was so happy w the harmonica shot too - just sums him up - making music in his own little world :)

  4. Your children have such wonderful lives full of lovely days. It's no wonder they are always smiling. I am quite jealous of Amber sitting in her finery sipping from a china cup! Great fun. Also just had a look at Bec's photos: they are so gorgeous. You just look amazing.


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