Sunday, 10 March 2013

10/52 - she can do change


It's been a challenging week for our girl.

We suddenly got offered a spot in the preschool connected to the primary school we had hoped for Lily to attend. Completely unexpected, we suddenly had to pour much thought, prayer and discussion (with each other and multiple friends and family) about whether to pull her out of her old preschool now or wait until kindy next year. We decided that though it was a big change, it would be harder for her to start in a new school next year than to move now. It was a tough decision with multiple factors too complicated (and long-winded) to delve into here, but that was where we ended up.

Although she had been constantly asking to return to where her playschool was (next to the new preschool), she was devastated when she realised she would actually be leaving her current preschool. The night before she changed schools, she wept copiously and begged to stay at her old school with her beloved friends and teachers. I felt torn, awful and guilty to see her so upset - though the change was for her long term ease and gain. I hated to see my girl understandably hurting, scared and anxious after the build up to starting at her old school and having just settled in. Parenting decisions are tough sometimes!! Trying to make decisions for their best but not having any guarantees how things will pan out. We can only try, huh? So, we prayed and talked with her about how change is hard, but God can help us to be brave and do hard things. 

The next morning she lifted that little chin and told her Daddy 'I'm going to try to be brave and happy today' even though she was still very sad and scared. Seeing her be determined to do her best even in the face of scary stuff made Mark and I crazy-proud. When she arrived at her new school... she was immediately enchanted by the baby chicks and the menagerie of animals in the classroom. She made new 'best friends' literally within a minute of walking in, and bounced off to play with the incredible set up there, giving me a fleeting and relaxed goodbye. She had a fabulous first day!! And now tells me continually how much she loves it. As she said later that day 'At first I was scared, but God helped me be brave - now I love my new school, it's the best school I ever saw!'


I am so proud of her effort to embrace a very sudden shift in her little world. Thankfully she can now settle into this fabulous new school for the long haul- and it is all we hoped it would be and more. I am thanking God for opening the door for her to attend and for guiding her - and us! - through the transition. 

She is brave, she is resilient, she is my daughter.

Party Dress Days...


I found some old badges and he insisted on wearing them with pride...
I have loved hanging out with this little dude this week!


Getting chatty and oh, so expressive!

Project 52: A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013. 

More highlights from the week that was....

Helping Daddy with the mulchingBtw - please note this activity is VERY closely supervised, and the opening to the mulcher is less than 3cm wide and over 45cm away from the chompy bits - plus the  kids are only allowed to feed in the top of the branches. Very safe. Just thought I better clarify there is no Fargo-potential here!!

All of Daddy's colleagues have been dying to meet Miles so I trooped in with the three kiddos this week. Suffice to
say the children charmed the entire floor of office workers and the kids just LOVED seeing that mysterious place
called 'work' that Daddy disappears to every day. Lily said she wants to work there too one day, sitting so close to
Daddy that 'they bonk heads'. Mark was rather pleased! 

Just outside Daddy's office window. Gorgeous green fields, trees and mountains just beyond them!

Walking back from seeing the kangaroos. This makes Daddy's work the coolest place around, according to Eli!

Lily said 'Take a photo of me holding my baby!'

With Harper at music class. They love to hang out - centre stage in the music circle, heehee!

Eli wanted to hang with Miles and teach him all the songs.

Off for our first neighbourhood stroll together.With Lily off to school a couple days a week, it is a strange thing to find myself
mothering two boys! Me, a newborn and a toddler... flashback to early
days with Lily and Eli. Funny how the parenting season ebb and flow like this!

Mr Muscles. 

Lily invented a game - these are the rules she gave Eli:
'You pour the rose petals from the cup to the bowl and then say 'I WIN' then you look if your letter is in the book,
then I write it down on the paper. Then it's my turn.' 

Um.... this may not make sense to you or I but it kept them busy playing for half an hour!!

Saturday morning puppet show

Am thinking of starting a series called 'What she really wore!'with all of Lily's
concocted home-day outfits. They just make me smile...
at least there is a slight ruffle theme in both skirt and top?!


  1. I'm so glad your story about Lily had a happy ending. Way to go, Lily! You must be so proud of your big girl! She looks so beautiful, not to mention cheeky in that party dress :-)

    I love that expression you caught on Miles' face, and those muscles, lol!

    Eli looks so proud standing there beside the BOB!

    1. thanks faith - yes i am super proud of my girl! miles is getting so expressive and i have to say i am enjoying spending some quality time w eli too w lily in school... he is growing into such a funny little fellow!

  2. Good on Lily for being so brave! You're in my favorite newborn phase with Miles - not quite the potato-looking ever-needy phase, and into the "HEY dude did you know that I'm a PERSON" phase of expression and individuality. I'm impressed that you're keeping up with all of your new-again responsibilities!

    1. yes its exciting seeing the person emerging in little Miles, thats for sure!

  3. Way to go Lily! Resilience is SUCH an important skill to have, and doesn't come easily to everyone. It's wonderful that Lily is displaying this quality so early. I am so happy for you that this transition worked out so well. She's such an adaptable little vegemite :)
    Other pics I love this week - the visit to Mark's work, it really is a magical place to kids isn't it? My kids just love visiting Lach's work and when he comes home they always ask so many questions about his day.
    Miles lifting his head up at tummy time - whoa what a strong little lad
    Lily in her "home outfit" - I showed Harper this post and when she got to that photo she said "Oh Mum Lily looks so handsome there!" Hilarious!

    1. Amber thank you SO much for all your advice, support and tips throughout the decision making - it REALLY helped me so much!! esp w your teacher perspective. very much appreciated and im so glad it has worked out better than we could have even hoped :) Yeah ive been so amazed/proud at how resiliant she has been -understandably scared but pulling it together. Kids are tougher than we give them credit for sometimes huh!
      Oh harper, she is so funny!!

  4. Having a peek at your photos and your baby peeks have me feeling all clucky. What a beautiful family you have xo

  5. Wow Kate, a massive week indeed for your sweet little girl. I actually had tears in my eyes - I really felt the emotion you and Lily must have gone through. Being a Mum comes with lots of worries, but I think worries are healthy and demonstrate many good things about a person. Sounds like you made the right decision (even before seeing how well Lily transitioned), our intuition is a strong beacon isn't it.
    So heartwarming to hear she found herself a new best friend within a minute of arrival at her new preschool.
    So so pleased it has all worked out for you all. :)

    1. oh sally that is such a sweet comment - thanks for sharing the emotional journey w us! i love the thoughts you shared about worries - good point! - and yes i feel really good now that (i hope) we did make the best choice in the end. You are just the loveliest, thanks for your encouragement and being so happy for us :)

  6. What a beautiful, intuitive mumma you are!

  7. Awww...changes can be tough (sometimes more on parents I think -- hard to see our little ones hurt!) but glad Lily pulled through with bravery! I think Miles looks lots like Lily.

  8. Mr muscles photo is what I love about babies. That position, how little and smooshie they are - ahhhh that hair... Soooo proud of lily and her attitude of going to her new school. You guys are doing great leading and teaching them about God. The fact she is so young and knows Gods on her side and will help her is more precious than I can say. We might pick your brain on how you have gone about things ;) your doing awesome as a mumma of 3 xxxx


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