Sunday, 17 March 2013

11/52 - a little family fun


My sweet and wild little dancer.


A big family day out celebrating 100 years of our beloved Canberra...

Walking around the lake, we soak up the community buzz from everyone celebrating together. As Mark likes to tease me, I just love seeing everyone 'out and about'!

A chocolate paddle pop was a sweet treat on a hot day and my little man devoured it in typical style - 
with gusto and utterly ignorant of the aftermath.

Love our messy little man.... 


A little Daddy-Son quality time on the bed.

Cooing, smiling (yet to be captured) and engaging with Daddy... he is getting so interactive and every day his little 'personhood' emerges more and more. All of it... we love.

Project 52: A portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2013.

More highlights from the week that was....

Party of Five.Our first family portrait since Miles' birth day. Snapped after church and
looking at this I realise we are all unintentionally dressed in red and blue!
I should really be pretending I am that organised, right?!

father and son.
how blessed my boy is to have a daddy like him!

Eli in awe at Canberra's 100th birthday celebrations.
The giant floating letters spelt out 'Welcome'

just a glimpse of our lovely city... cute boat (playing music), National Library in background and Parliament House
on the right.

Miles enjoying the family outing...
Love me some babies in hats!

Teeny caterpillars falling from the tree required close examination.

Gozleme for dinner... yummo!

How blessed I am to have this boy running to me with such a face of joy!
I love love love him.

Nan and Grandad drove over from PERTH (that is across the whole country!) in this adorable campervan to meet
their new grandchild and of course see the rest of us. The kids are BEYOND impressed with the campervan and
want to be in there constantly. They have had afternoon tea, breakfast and countless play sessions in the van...
cute little moments of quality time between adoring grandparents and grandchildren. It makes me so very, very happy
to see. 

Miles meets Grandad.

Making yoghurt with Nan. Simple little activities that build bonds that last a lifetime.


  1. Beautiful photos of your children and family. Popping in via Che and Fidel. Have a great week. x

  2. Beautiful family pictures. Your kids are so adorable.

  3. Awww, so many lovely shot this week. That dancing shot of Lily is great! very moody and really shows her being lost in the moment (and unaware of the camera - which we all know is a good thing ;) ) Eli and his messy hands. So cute, and a perfect shot for him ;) Love that messy, messy boy. And little Miles is looking so BIG! All the celebration shots are great and I REALLY love that shot of you and Miles. Such a keeper!
    A big and beautiful week for your family :)

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  5. Love all the weekly photos of your children, it really captures who they are at this moment in time. And that family photo of you all is just fantastic! You're all beautiful, gorgeous people!

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  8. Loving your black-and-whites this week Kate. Especially the one in the van. Such a great story being told there.

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  10. Your little ones are so gorgeous. Loving the camper van!


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