Thursday, 21 March 2013

Miles.tones (2 months) // Baby Daze #4 (8 weeks)

Ok, so Miles was eight weeks on Monday, but is two months today(the 21st)... or at least I think that's how you count it!? I may have three kids but I still get confused on the myriad of ways to track their age... and as math is not my strong point, as soon as they get to 12 weeks, I just track in months and call it good! :)

And as things are pretty busy around here, I am just going to combine the two posts series (Miles.tones and Baby Daze) cos... well, that's all I have time to do plus really, they make sense to be together anyway, don't you think? Who knows why I decided to post them separately originally. Why don't we blame the post-partum hormones, they are so convenient!

Anyway - my baby boy! Life is a bit of a whirlwind these days but the little spot of calm in the centre of it all is this precious baby. If the hormones are sending me into a tizz, or life's just getting too busy, rubbing my cheek against that teeny little head and breathing in his delicious newness just calms me right on down. This. It's what matters.

Sleeping: He is still sleeping wonderfully well, including still sleeping through the night - yippee! Generally he goes from Dream Feed (about 10.30/11pm) to wake time (7.30am). Once a week or so he might wake for a feed about 4 or 5am but it's only occasionally. Naps are fine too. Wake time is about 50-60 minutes

Feeding: He is breastfeeding like a champ still at generally three hourly intervals, and at recent check up with the Health Nurse she confirmed he has gained plenty of weight! He is now 5.3kg which is 50% percentile...  (and 75th percentile for length and 25-50th for Head Circumference).

Routine: Still on a three hourly Eat-Play-Sleep routine in the day, though it is pretty loose and flexible, especially due to the realities of life with two busy older siblings! He just rolls with it and I just do my best to protect his sleep rhythms where I can to keep him rested and regularly napping, as I know sleep begets sleep.

Miles.tones and More...

Our little boy is becoming quite the personality! Beautiful smiles (though I'm yet to capture one on camera) - but oh, those smiling eyes and big gummy grins are just delicious! I love just holding him and the way he stares into my eyes like he is trying to have a 'deep and meaningful' conversation just through eye contact. He is getting chatty, with coos and gurgles. Loves to kick his little legs around like pistons when he has blanket time - they really go, go, go! I saw him staring at his hands in wonder the other day - always a big shock for them to discover those limbs.

Miles is just a placid and relaxed little fellow. He is happy kicking around on a blanket, puts up with overly-affectionate siblings and loves to be snuggled and chatted to. He is so easy-going, so sweet, so peaceful. Yep, I'm still besotted with my baby boy! My favourite time with him is after the dream feed each night, sitting back on the couch with him nestled close in the quiet, his little head on my shoulder, snoozing away. They just fit there so perfectly, don't they?

Two months old... one month left in Newborn Land. It's a short-term visa so we are determined to make the most of our stay!

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