Friday, 5 April 2013

Cotter Capers (Easter Adventures Part Two)

It was a very Good Friday indeed....

The weather was glorious - sunny, clear, and just a hint of Autumn crispness in the air. We all piled into the car and campervan with my mum and Mark's parents and took a morning trip to the Cotter River.

Skipping (and plain ol' throwing) stones into the river, exploring along the river, playing quoits, flying kites, eating biscuits and drinking tea and of course a little Easter Egg hunt! It was a good morning out in the sunshine - simple fun, precious family time and adventuring with the kids.

Ahhhhh.... lovely.

Snuggles with a wonderful Nana. So grateful for the way she loves my kids!

Kite flying with Grandad

Quoit Negotiations!

Rolling down the hill... classic fun!

An Easter Egg hunt... discovering her treasure!
Grandad and Grandson... just love this image. He is so gentle and interested in their little lives!


Airplanes and Wrestling and General Throwing Around of the Children by Daddy

A trio of airplanes.... yup, he is just one of the kids! They love it.

Lily wanted to take a photo of us...
Eli took this photo - of course he wanted his turn :)

Not the best family portrait, but we'll take it :)

Loving a bit of nature, a bit of family and a bit of time free to enjoy them! 


  1. What a gorgeous post! Thanks for sharing all those lovely pics. I definitely think the family photo is a keeper :o) Kat xo

  2. I do love that your easter was so big it needed to be broken up into three parts :)
    The easter egg hunt shots are so lovely, you did so well with the focal point for those two shots of Lily holding her egg up - well done!
    I adore that photo Lily took of you and Miles - how well did she do!
    and that shot of your Mum and Miles is beautiful.
    Great shots Kate. x


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