Saturday, 6 April 2013

14/52 - Egg Hunts and Painting (Easter Adventures Part Three)

Easter Sunday. He is Risen... and for that I am eternally grateful.


 Hunting for Easter Eggs in the backyard...

(We had about four Easter Egg hunts over the Easter weekend... all from the same packet of eggs! After each hunt, the kids would eat one or two then beg for us to hide them again! Ah, the simple pleasures of childhood, huh!)


Counting his chickens before they hatch  eggs before he eats them. 
My happy little hunter.


Oh, Little Bear.... you are perfection

Project 52: A portrait once a week, every week, in 2013.

More highlights from the week that was....

Just a teeeeeensy bit excited to hunt for eggs!

In an instant fun descends into devastation.
When he can't see anymore eggs, there are tears in an flash...
'What 'bout me?!'
Keep looking, Son, there are plenty more!

The brothers chillin' out..

Painting adorable little ceramic piggy banks.

Oh, Eli.

Finished product. They just make me smile...

Pre-bed snuggles. You can tell who in this trio is unfamiliar with the term 'winding down' !

Oh yes. These are his sleepy eyes... gaze glazed, lids sinking lower... 

....aaaand he's out (and now me too) xx


  1. Oh squishy little babies. Those droopy sleepy eyes... Sigh. Babies. (This is dangerous.)

    1. heehee yes, indeed dangerous... they are addictive, these little cuties :)

  2. Lovely Kate... I must tell you... I didn´t leave out one single post of you... I had them aaaallll! And I LOVE them all. But there is so little time I have to comment as I read nearly every post on my iphone in bed around midnight. Then my work is done and I try to turn my thoughts off...

    your babies are adorable... the love between the sibling shines through in every pic! I´m so happy that littel Miles had a place in his sister´s and brother´s heart at once... most important thing ever!

    I hope you enjoy your time as a mother of three although it´s hard work! But obviously... as your children looks so happy... you do an awesome job! Be proud!


    1. aw maxima, thanks for reading even if you dont get a chance to commment. what a sweet thing to say, i am so grateful :) i am very grateful for my little trio and grateful for sweet friends like you too!

  3. Love the 52 project Miles pic.
    and the 3 happy brothers too!
    i stopped at 2 girls....
    Nice pictures of a happy family!

  4. Oh Eli's photos this week just cracked me up. The pleasure and pain of the egg hunt - all captured in a short amount of time! I can just see him get distressed that there were no more eggs.
    The little piggy banks are so cute! The last time my mum stayed she did that with the kids. They still talk about that activity. Eli putting the glitter down the whole - so funny!
    Lovely 52 shots this week :)


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