Saturday 13 April 2013

15/52 - Life in Close Up


I was trying to capture the delicious little dusting of freckles starting to appear across her nose... but it's hard to look past those deep, dark, baby blues!


Chalk drawing in the carport. 

My beautifully busy boy is starting to slow down enough to get into drawing. He loves to scribble alongside his sister and proudly pronounce every colour!


Miles of Smiles. 

Happy in his Daddy's protective hands. Little boy, those hands will always take such very good care of you.

(Yeah, this shot is grainy as all get out, but when baby is smiling like this, who has time to adjust settings?!)

Project 52: A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, for 2013.

A few more highlights from the week that was....

'Let's hold hands and run, Eli!'
A scene from a day out in the country, enjoying a day seminar on Family Identity.
I plan hope to write more about it later this week!

Ain't nothing sweeter than a baby sleeping in your arms.
*Happy Sigh*

Working together in their sand/mud outdoor kitchen. She mixes, he sprays the water. Good times!

Sometimes it's hard being so loved.

Lovely lashes

The perfect button nose


  1. A lovely collection, as always, but that last photo is GORGEOUS. The light, the colors of the iris, the smattering of freckles... sigh! I can't wait for my subjects to sit still enough to get photos like that ;)

    1. thanks so much Erin and yes it was a rare treat that she was willing to stay still long enough for me to get the shots - i was rather pleased :) your day is coming!

  2. Wow your close ups are seriously impressive. I have never managed to get anything close with my camera. Love Lily's lashes.

    1. thanks julia! i was amazed how close i could get actually!

  3. Oh Kate, you did good this week, real good! I can really tell that you were working on your manual settings this week. Very impressive!
    Those close up are fabulous. Particularly love the last shot of Lily's eye. It kind of does one of those weird optical illusions if you stare at her pupil :)
    And the chalk drawing ones are fab too!

    1. aw thanks Amber - yes I have to admit making the switch to fully manual has pushed me and I am seeing a difference and understanding the camera a bit more... at last ;) still SO much to learn!!! but i am happy to go slow. as nice as it is to take the fancy shots, the most important thing is just capturing those memories of the kids, huh - even if dark or blurry :)

  4. Replies
    1. oh thank you - i was so happy (surprised) by it too!

  5. Love the close up of Lily's eye and lashes and of Eli too. Great to see them having fun with chalk. Love Marg.

  6. These are fantastic Kate! Love them!

  7. Kate! You have to teach me how to do half of what you do. These photos are amazing. You have been working hard, AND you're talented! xx

  8. Those close images are fantastic!! And of course the models are gorgeous :)


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