Sunday, 28 April 2013

17/52 - trains & tutus


There is a sweet fairy in our garden...

*details on the home-made fairy skirt below*


We spend last Sunday at a Marymead Fundraising Family Day at the Kingston Miniature Railway... 
a magical little place I didn't even know existed! 

There was face painting, balloons, sausage sizzle and unlimited rides on the adorably vintage little train. We took advantage of the unlimited rides and went 'round and 'round... when we weren't 'all aboard' my friendly little fellow eagerly hung on the rails and waved cheerily to each passing train. Love this boy.

It was a gorgeous day out and about with my little tribe!


Those beautiful eyes, drinking in the world around him... so much to learn, so much to see! He is such a curious little man. 

(And rockin' a baby mohawk these days too!)

Project 52: A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.

More highlights from the week that was...

My wonderful husband celebrated his birthday and we all celebrated with him! I baked a cherry chocolate cheesecake
and we even got to go out on a dinner date together. A church BBQ and a family day out at the railway made a busy
weekend of celebrations and fun for my beloved best friend... happy birthday, darling! xx

Riding the rails...

Nosy Neighbours
Our lovely neighbours are getting their kitchen renovated by the same guy who did ours. The kids enjoyed peering
through the fence trying to see what was causing all the racket, and calling out his name to say hello!

Making sand pictures with coloured sand and glue.

Anzac Day was spent pottering around the house. We had a pre-winter tidy up of the front garden with the whole
family - E was well-equipped to transport some pebbles for me!

Efficient delivery of the children to their beds at sleep time. 
Can you hear the shrieks and giggles through the computer screen?!

Catching the morning rays...

E on the prowl...
Our latest favourite game is hiding plastic animals around the backyard and taking turns hunting for them...

Miles is happy to hang out in the shade and watch the game!

The kids helped Daddy clean the car interior (anyone with kids knows how squalid the car becomes!).
The kids loved cleaning the windows and decided to do the exterior of the windows too, taking
turns to wipe and spray. Too cute, this pair!

My mum off-loaded metres and metres of old tulle so we had the idea to make fairy skirts!
I bought some waistband elastic and we simply cut strips of tulle and tied them around the waistband. Lily and I had such a fun morning together! She also got to practise cutting lines and tying and I got to practise biting my tongue, controlling my hands and letting the process and quality time be more important than making the skirt efficiently or 'properly'!! The end result was a gorgeously simple skirt and a morning of sweet memories.

The finished product... a happy girl in a home-made fairy skirt! 

Ready to flitter-flutter-fly...


  1. You had quite the week! Your family is so beautiful and that cheesecake sounds delicious!

  2. It does look like you have been finding "good light" this week. Good on you for trying out something new!
    I really LOVE that photos of Eli under the clothesline, how is body is crouched over. You can almost hear his footsteps. Lily looks beyond thrilled with her fairy skirt, what a sweet mother-daughter activity. I can just imagine how much she loved doing that with you. And sweet Miles looking out towards the big kids in the backyard. Before you know it he will be running around with them!
    Great shots this week Kate :)

  3. Sounds like you had lots of fun this week. Good on you for the imaginative game and activity. The skirt is fabulous. Can just imagine Lily loving it.

  4. I loved the one of Eli under the clothesline as well, you got him at the perfect moment! Also love the fairy skirt, she did a great job and you are so right, the experience of making it together is more important then doing it "properly", I need to remind myself of this often too ;)


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