Friday, 12 April 2013

Miles - One Week New - Newborn and Family Photos

 My beautiful and talented friend Bec took these amazing images of our family... when Miles was just a teeny, tiny seven days new. (Why does that seem like so long ago already?) I am so excited to share them here! I could not choose just a small selection 'cos I love them all... so excuse the photo dump... or rather - enjoy the newborn deliciousness! 

It is hard for me to look at these images over and over without feeling full-to-bursting with thankfulness for this precious family of ours. Now we are five, and we are so grateful. I love looking at these photos and seeing us all get to know each other. We are just starting out on our journey as a family of five but I could never have even dreamed of such precious, beautiful people with whom I can share the ups and downs of daily life. We are learning, growing, loving together.

I will start with my favourite image!


Fishy lips...


By the way, you can check out Bec's blog here  . If you are interested in getting newborn photography so you can also capture these precious early days forever and ever (cos they turn into a blur pretty quickly!), I can highly recommend her. Bec is not only a talented photographer but also as a Mum herself, she is super conscious of working flexibly and sensitively with babies and families. She did not even blink when Miles made mess... ALL OVER her gorgeous cosy blankets! (Apologies on his behalf, dear friend!)

Thanks, lovely Bec! xx

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  1. I love all of these but Miles with his arms crossed across his chest and with that almost haughty little expression: just makes me melt. What a marvellous thing to have. Lovely to have the whole family together like this. I also adore the one of you and Lily kneeling admiring Miles. And you all looking up...and well all of them!


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