Wednesday, 11 January 2017

9/31 {the january project} wishful glasses

The coolest fashion accessory amongst the kids at my daughter's school (according to her anyway) is glasses. For ages she has been begging to get reading glasses, assuring us her vision is so blurry she can hardly see. She kept asking us to book her an eye test, so today at last, my husband took her. 

The optometrist informed her she has perfect 20/20 vision. 

Lily burst into tears, devastated. 

The optometrist assured her she can come back in two years and try again!

Poor, funny, dear girl. She wept hot tears of disappointment this afternoon. 

I told her I will try to find some frames with no glass or plain glass so she can at least wear them sometimes!? I think the novelty might soon wear off. In the mean time, she can try on Daddy's glasses!

Post-sprinkler play with wet hair all everywhere, her self-hacked off fringe, and Daddy's glasses... this girl has her very own sense of self and I just love it... and her! xx

{january photo a day project}

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