Sunday, 22 January 2017

21/31 {the january project} a fourth birthday

Our littlest man, Miles, turned four today!

We celebrated with a family trip to the zoo (a very special treat!) and then a picnic dinner by the lake with friends... making the most of our one summer birthday!

It was such a lovely day, especially seeing Miles absolutely thrilled from the start to the end...he never stopped buzzing with glee! 

He kept telling me how he couldn't believe he was three for a hundred days but now he was four, he called himself 'the birthday boy' all day! He had begged for a Stormtrooper cake as he is obsessed with Star Wars (never seen it, but still obsessed) so I did my best to deliver. Didn't quite nail it but he was thrilled and thanked me all day long for it... and said eating it was his favourite part of the day. 

Bless him, my sweet, joyful, passionate little love xxxx

Thanks to my friend Amber for taking these precious cake pics... so sweet!

The kids built a bridge across a little stream in the forest, and our big, brave four year old was determined to cross it independently. And so he did, again and again. 

A special day to celebrate his big day. My baby is FOUR, whaaaa??

{the january photo a day project}

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