Sunday, 8 January 2017

5/31 {the january project} snip, snip

Well, we never want to forget this certain spunky little haircut!

One night in her room, Lily got a hair-tie (loomband!) caught in her hair and decided to fix the problem herself with a pair of scissors!!! Afterwards, she was mortified with what she had done.... and said she slept the whole night with her hands covering the scene of the crime!! She came out in the morning, hands still covering the spot, very distressed and remorseful, ready to confess what she had done. When I saw the hacked off fringe, I just hugged her tight and said 'It's okay, Lily, it's just hair... it will grow back!' Later I added 'But maybe next time, ask for some help?' Soon she was giggling about her new look. This spunky girl wasn't even fussed about the random little patch of hair (oh, to have her sense of self!). She blushes and giggles when people enquire about it, but without shame. She made a mistake, oh well, we all do!

I asked if I could memorialise her hairstyle with a photo and she granted permission and so.... here 'tis.

Oh, Lily, may you always be able to own your actions, learn from your mistakes, be able to laugh at yourself and move on as graciously as you have here. 

{the january project - a photo a day}

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