Wednesday, 18 January 2017

18/31 {the january project} a surprise adventure

Every now and then, (I won't pretend we are organised enough to make it super consistent!), we like to take one of the kids out in the evening for some special one on one time. 

A special outing can go to 'next level' exciting when you make it a last second surprise.... after bedtime!!! Such a simple thing to do but it makes it that bit extra fun :)

So, Eli was already tucked up in bed when I came into his room with clothes and shoes and said 'Quick, get dressed, I'm taking you out for ice cream!'. Surprised and overjoyed was an understatement!

We got in the car and I jokingly said 'So, do you feel like some icre cream??' And Eli replied sweetly 'I don't mind, Mum, what do you feel like?'


Well, I felt like ice cream of course! 

So we went to the foreshore and ate gelato, walked around the lake, chatted and played. It was simple and lovely.

As we drove home Eli said quietly 'Thanks for taking me out, Mum.' I said 'That's okay, buddy. I just love spending time with you.' He replied 'I love spending time with you too, Mum. It's my favourite thing in the whole wide world'

That's why this kid has my heart forever. He exhausts and yet melts my heart like no other.

Love you, sweet boy xx

{the January photo a day project... but I couldn't choose just one, could I?!}

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