Friday, 13 January 2017

13/31 {the january project} a quiet, creative home day

The school holidays fill up so quickly and can get so busy, I try to slice out a few days for the kids to just chill and potter around at home. 

I woke up with ideas of how we might spend the day, but the kids had their own (even better) ones too! Lily decided she wanted to enter a drawing competition, so after some quick googling I found a cute competition to illustrate a children's storybook. All three kids decided to spend a solid hour drawing.... including Eli taping 11 pages of illustrations together!! It was more than a little delightful. They also made firm plans on how to spend the prize money... though after they were done they totally ceased to remember that it was a competition, haha.

Later, I pulled out the canvases the kids got for Christmas and we did a little 'Resistance Art' using their initials, acrylic paint and some magical Washi tape of course. 

It was a lovely little day, bringing back memories of those days that now seem so long ago, just me at home with my three. 

{the january photo a day project}

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