Sunday, 22 January 2017

22/31 {the january project} part vet, part ballerina

Always on the lookout for another pet.... this time, a skink!

Lily is full of diverse interests and this week has been a rather good sampling! 

A few days ago , she did a dissection on a chicken!! (eek) The backstory is a chicken of ours sadly passed away recently (from old age) and a lovely vet friend of ours told our aspiring-vet daughter that if she wanted, they could do a dissection to learn more about it. Her eyes lit up (!!!) and so.... they did. She was not at ALL squeamish either! It was seriously the highlight of her school holidays. I was so grateful she got this real life experience but even more grateful I did not have to witness it, haha!

Then this afternoon, we had a special mother/daughter outing to her first ballet! *cue the sentimentality* It was such a precious thing to introduce her to! We saw a Storytime Ballet version of The Nutcracker and it was just wonderful, magical, breathtaking, I could go on! We then did dinner and ice cream together afterwards, and strolled around the city, peeking in on urban life and also doing a special project which I will keep just between us but it was definitely something that was so meaningful to us both. The ballet tickets were her Christmas gift, and I hope those memories will last a lifetime. They will for me, anyway! I just treasure these experiences we get to have together.

Most of all, I love the perfectly quirky and individual mix that makes up this girl of mine. Arty and creative, yet level headed and matter of fact. Animal obsessed, non-squeamish, vet/artist aspiring, ballet loving, girl of mine. 

Keep doing you, forever! God made you just as you are and I love every part xx

{the january photo a day project}

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