Friday, 6 January 2017

4/31 {the january project} like mothers, like daughters...

>> new friends, forever friends <<
>> bathing chelsea's feet in waterbeads... an act of loving service to start things off right?! haha <<
>> long farewells and promises to write (and FaceTime!) at the train station. always so hard to say goodbye <<

As mentioned, my dearest friend Heidi and her family have been visiting us from Hawaii after nine very long years. In this missing decade, we have both been transformed by the role of motherhood and so many of life's joys and heartbreaks. As excited as I was to see her again (and I was verrrrry excited) I was also just beyond thrilled at the idea of our children meeting at long last too. I know we both hoped our girls would connect but I think we were both truly shocked and moved by how deeply they did. A sweet and true little friendship developed over their visit, these two little ladies connecting over so much, comparing similar parenting rules (ha!) and sharing favourite books and games. Chelsea slept in Lily's bed with her and we parents got so busy talking that night we did not realise till 11.30pm that they were actually still awake, giggling away and 'talking about life' apparently. Oops!!! Then they did it again the next night!!! We could not even pretend to be miffed, as secretly we just loved to see their bond deepen. What's a couple of late nights when you are building a lifelong friendship? #nopressure #justalittle  ;) 

Chelsea and Lily, my prayer is that your friendship will bless you both as your mother's friendship has deeply blessed and encouraged and inspired me. I never even dared to dream when we became friends as young teens that decades later we would have daughters of the same age one day who would also become friends, who could also talk all night without drawing a breath or ever, ever running out of things to say. May you both receive even a fraction of the love and support and strengthening of faith that we have both drawn from our friendship.

 {a photo a day in January}

P.S. I should state the obvious, that I clearly generally fail at choosing just one photo a day! A minimalist I am not!! Ha. But hey.. my project, my rules, right!? ;)

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