Sunday, 29 January 2017

28/31 {the january project} by the river at sunset

This is summer....

We marked the end of a relaxed summer holidays with an evening at the local river... swimming together, adventuring along the shoreline, eating, playing, splashing, laughing and making memories. 

It was nothing short of blissful, this reprieve from the brutal summer heat on a lazy Saturday night. One of those evenings that turns out so perfectly relaxed you can hardly stand it! Rare and treasured. Mark and I swam with the kids and then found ourselves just watching them as they raced around so wild and free, giggling and splashing and playing hard. Just so good to see them so connected and happy, surrounded by water and natural elements. I never see them so engaged and joyful and free as when I see them running loose in nature, in those wide open spaces. 

It was impossible to not stop and reflect on our rich blessings. This family, this moment together, this good life we have been given xx

{the january photo a day project... but how could I choose just one?!}

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