Tuesday, 7 June 2016

7/30 - he reads

He reads. He writes. 

He is flourishing in Kindergarten and I just love to watch him unfold.

There is nothing quite like seeing a child begin to really read and write. Nothing quite so beautiful as observing them as they unlock the door to that magical world of literacy! A whole new world opens up to them - how fascinating it is to witness. 

Their little eyes like magnetic beams on every letter and word. Their beaming pride in their own fresh competencies. They unpick and unravel mysteries, they decipher codes and they try, try, try.

A joy for learning is a precious thing to nurture and nourish.

We deliberately don't do any formal literacy teaching at home before school (early childhood is for play!), and so it amazed me to see how Eli bounded into Kindergarten and rapidly began spelling, sounding out, and yes, really reading, right before our eyes. Much quicker than I expected, I have to admit. He was ready. Raring to go and go he did.

My middle man has had his share of challenges and this Mama Bear is simply bursting with pride to see him flourish. He is giving his all at school, boundless enthusiasm channeled into loving learning and school life... taking off like the little rocket that he is!

My sweet son, what a privilege it is to see you shoot for the stars...

Documenting delight, every day in June.

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  1. I'm loving your daily posts Kate!! :) And we have a magical new Kindergarten reader here too and even as a teacher it has totally amazed me how quickly she has become a proficient reader with a mini novel in her hand! WHAT!! My baby has disappeared!! xx


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