Friday, 10 June 2016

10/30 - the little prince

Pre-bedtime hijinks.

Playing 'babies'. This involves carrying Miles around the house in this fireman's lift (while giggling hysterically), pushing him in the doll's pram and basically catering to his every whim. So.... not that different to real life, really?! ;)

Being the  baby of the family is a pretty sweet spot, it appears.  

(I wouldn't know.... poor middle child here, haha!!)

PS How fascinating it is, to watch the sibling dynamics evolve, especially having a neat and tidy trio for the easy analyzing of oldest, middle, youngest. Think I need to read that birth order book! Most of all, I love their blossoming friendships and pray it continues to evolve most of all. Always makes my heart overflow to see them playing together so happily :)
(not always the case!)

Documenting delight, every day in June.

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  1. Love this!! I'm one of two in the middle (four kid family!) :) But yes, I have seen the perks of being the youngest!! :)


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