Monday, 27 June 2016

27/30 - remembering papa

Lily writes her memories of Papa, beautiful flowers from Claire reminds us of the love and support surrounding us today, while three little glowing houses reminds me of how David's love and light lives on in my children xx

Kind/Cuind. Yes, he was, Eli xx

On the one year anniversary...

The kids decided to write out things they remembered about their beloved Papa. We sat on Papa's special blanket for an impromptu picnic as we shared the things we loved and remembered. 

'Kind' wrote Eli. 'He was nice and gave me cuddles' said Miles.

We listened to the audio book he recorded for them 'I love you from head to toe'. We gazed at the three little candles glowing inside three little houses. Little houses shining bright with light - Papa's light that shines on in three little hearts and memories, as well as up in heaven.

Then we sat on the rug, munching on the muesli bars that Lily had just baked completely independently for the first time. We dropped crumbs everywhere and knew that Papa would have thoroughly approved!

Documenting delight, every day in June.

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