Monday, 13 June 2016

13/30 - a day at the museum


Today was a beautifully sunny winter's day - it's freezing overnight, but Canberra makes up for it with these gloriously clear days! It was also a public holiday which means... bonus family time!

We didn't have much planned in advance but at the last minute (after a sleep in and a slow start), decided to meet some friends at the Playschool exhibit currently on at the National Museum of Australia. 

Oh, Playschool, happy 50th birthday! You continue to be the most charming and beautiful children's show on earth, in my opinion!

Later, after a cheeky Nutella doughnut morning tea, our little tribe strolled around the lake just soaking up the sunshine and a day without 'plans'. We watched the kids play on the lawns and rock walls outside the museum for a while, then ended up back in the museum where we each built some Lego tiles as part of an awesome Lego mosaic going into the Children's Hospital.

It was a simple happy family day, all the sweeter because it lazily unfurled before us without too many expectations. A 'bonus' day that felt like much more than we expected - I was left brimming with gratitude for our little city, our clan, and for simple and sweet days together xx

PS Ok, I promised I would only post ONE photo a day for this project but feel I should include this funny one too as more representative of the main destination of the day. My trio hanging out with Big Ted and Humpty!!! They are superstars in our world. Oh, Miles!!!! ;) I got a bit snap happy today so got plenty more but that will have to wait till a general post one day in the future - consider this a sneek peak ;)

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