Thursday, 2 June 2016

2/30 - the aldi run

Our weekly ritual, the Aldi run. 

For so many years of SAHM life, I didn't go near the grocery store as my hubby preferred to do the grocery shopping (yes, really!) and the idea of doing the same with multiple little ones was not so appealing. But once two were in school, my little sidekick and I decided to take on the task and I have to say... we love it!

We cruise the aisles of our beloved Aldi, chatting, singing, discussing the food we see and choose, while Miles greets most people who come past. He helps 'hold things' and we joke and giggle as I toss things in the trolley, trying to stay somewhat to my shopping list (you know how it is!).

Half way through, when we reach the dairy section, Miles gets to have a 'squooshy'... one of those kids yoghurts in the little screw top packets. At home we only have my plain ol' home made greek yoghurt, so this flavoured bizzo is considered a prize of the highest order, luring all the kids to beg to come grocery shopping, haha!

On the way out, on the final leg, we both grab a cheesy roll from the bakery section. We act like this is a reward for an arduous task but (just quietly) this little weekly ritual has become one of my favourites. Which I myself still find hard to believe, but there you have it.

On the drive back home, Miles sings to me from the back seat, 'It's just you and me togevva!!... I love 'you and me'. Mummy, I love you, Mummy.'


PS Yes, I did take my DSLR into Aldi like a crazy lady!! ;) 

Documenting delight, every day in June.


  1. Love Aldi! So glad you guys converted me :)

  2. Love this! I miss Aldi, such a great place to shop. I actually don't mind grocery shopping when I only have to take one side kick with me - never thought I'd say that!


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